Life Strategy. Winding Energy Back into and Staying in Your Own Space.

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The year is still fresh and relatively new yet already it’s been challenging. If you see these as opportunities for growth, you will be able to ride the energy of change more easily. Just stay focused on what-is and what-can-be and let the rest go.

For me, the best thing is to be living and working in community with people who seek peace through wisdom, specifically to anchor the Love that you are, each in your own way. When you are more anchored in love rather than in fear or limitation, your life changes and through you your world too simply because you are in it with a different awareness.

It’s quite different to what most of the world considers to be ‘normal’, the other being a more fear-based, noisy and chaotic external everyday reality that eats away at the inner being and results in defensive, knee-jerk reactions that diminish rather than grow. Rubbish energy, in short. This chaos feeds into itself and breeds yet more rubbish energy until your very cells are so full of it that often you don’t have any space within. You might then even start to believe that what others are saying is true and worst, that there’s nothing you can do about it!

So what do you do then? It’s ALL within.

You sit quiet and wind your energy back into yourself. And you hold it. From the space of other people’s fears and illusions, you hold your own. This means that you see through the chaos into a neutrality where you can hear your own wisdom. This is you, not what others say about you or anything around you. You become an island – of respite, potential and strength for others. Remember the Island of Feelings I published earlier this month? You become that, and more.

Wonderful isn’t it? And yes! It IS possible. First you have to commit to it by choosing to unhook from all the drama, seductive though it may be and return to who you are. This is an identity that is far, far beyond your material self and you breath life into this rather than the other. In addition to the Island of Feelings you become Freedom too.

So then if this year is challenging or not will no longer matter because you know that within you already hold the ability to meet anything head-on. And whether fear is or is not an accompanying factor won’t much matter either, it becomes just another part of the story. Always inspiring.

There are two specific practices for you, just click on the links below to connect.

Let me know how you get on. And of course, if you’d like me to include anything specific next time, please just drop me a line.

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