Spiritual Guidance

Hearing your own higher wisdom and being courageous enough to fulfil it. You can either hear it in your own silence or inner space, or you can connect with another, a master, to do so.

Heart to Hearts with Anna

“For Spirit to be defined, expressed, there must be more than one person.” Anna Hughes. This is YOUR page, intended to answer your questions on spiritual energy, how to use it to create either change or resolution, heart wisdom and extended understanding.

Please email Anna at anna@ultimatewoman.com if you’d like to be a part of a future conversation, if you have any questions you’d like to have included or if you need clarification on anything already posted.


Listen to Your Heartbeat – Crimson Tears by Aalia Bux

I would scour the earth circle the moon and back walk a thousand miles just to watch those crimson teardrops fall   I wonder, do your lips still taste like blood.   By Aalia Bux, pictured recently on a trip to Petra, Jordan. Earth mother wild child, Aalia lives in Read More

Heart to Hearts with Anna. Early days with Spirit.

So often people have asked me how I started my journey with Spirit. Here, in this informal conversation with Linda, I share a brief introduction of how it started for me. As time progresses I’ll be sharing more conversations so that within my own journey, you may see yours