Spiritual Guidance

Hearing your own higher wisdom and being courageous enough to fulfil it. You can either hear it in your own silence or inner space, or you can connect with another, a master, to do so.

Heart to Hearts with Anna

“For Spirit to be defined, expressed, there must be more than one person.” Anna Hughes. This is YOUR page, intended to answer your questions on spiritual energy, how to use it to create either change or resolution, heart wisdom and extended understanding.

Please email Anna at anna@ultimatewoman.com if you’d like to be a part of a future conversation, if you have any questions you’d like to have included or if you need clarification on anything already posted.


Life Strategy. Is Change Happening Through You? Or To You?

Do you feel that recently Life is increasing in both velocity as well as intensity? It’s a time of great change for everyone and because you are sensitive, likely you are feeling the energy shift. Many of you are in either deliberate and therefore planned transition or it’s been brought Read More

Meditation Practice – Dealing with Anger

Feel like sometimes you’re so angry that you could just burst? Well, there’s red-hot anger, white-hot anger, implosive anger, explosive anger. Doesn’t much matter what type of anger or angry situation. Anger is anger is anger. Sometimes it’s not worth confronting it, and yet you can’t just let it go. Read More

Life Strategy. Intuition & Your Life Choices

Your intuition is your inner voice, otherwise known as the voice of Soul. It’s always there for you, the key is to know how to tune into it, to connect to a higher wisdom and guidance that comes from deep within you. Anna speaks here on intuition, healing, space and Read More

The Nazareine Speaks on Living in the Light of Love

Love is who you are and all that is. There’s  massive difference on ‘being’ Love rather than ‘doing’ love. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in the ‘Is-ness’ of love – and Life – knowing that within each one already are the tools to deal with Read More