Spiritual Guidance

Hearing your own higher wisdom and being courageous enough to fulfil it. You can either hear it in your own silence or inner space, or you can connect with another, a master, to do so.

Heart to Hearts with Anna

“For Spirit to be defined, expressed, there must be more than one person.” Anna Hughes. This is YOUR page, intended to answer your questions on spiritual energy, how to use it to create either change or resolution, heart wisdom and extended understanding.

Please email Anna at anna@ultimatewoman.com if you’d like to be a part of a future conversation, if you have any questions you’d like to have included or if you need clarification on anything already posted.


The Nazareine Speaks on Relationships, Technology & Assumptions

I always think that assumptions are the death of any good relationship. Jumping to conclusions and insisting that you are right seeds hostile situations that create defensive struggle, at many different levels. Listen here to the Nazareine speak on the challenges provided by those who hang fast to their own Read More

Life Strategy – Do You Really Listen?

How well do you listen, and do you really listen, really hear what others are saying? I’ve observed many people listen through defensive filters, preoccupied or thinking their agendas or responses at the same time, so are not really listening at all. Some people either interrupt or talk over other Read More

Magic of the Mountains

Magic of the Mountains. Spirit speaks to us in symbols, the little things around us that with awareness we can interpret to continue our lives step by step in growth, fulfillment and joy. The magic of mountains is in their message of solidity and solidarity of structure, a bit like the Read More

March New Moon Solar Eclipse 2016

New moon energy is always about stepping into a new world, through the vehicle of desire – for change, opportunity, dreams. This beautiful energy also brings along with it the opportunity to engage with your darkest fear/s, those that might remain buried within you that might trip you up unawares. If Read More

Women’s Spiritual Teaching and Supermoon Practices. September 2015

What a wonderful, inspirational and all embracing evening we had together on Monday’s Supermoon! Of course, it was YOUR energy, expressed, reflected and experienced. No wonder it was so special. Thank you all for everything. Please stay connected and we’ll speak again together very soon. For you who were with Read More