Spiritual Guidance

Hearing your own higher wisdom and being courageous enough to fulfil it. You can either hear it in your own silence or inner space, or you can connect with another, a master, to do so.

Heart to Hearts with Anna

“For Spirit to be defined, expressed, there must be more than one person.” Anna Hughes. This is YOUR page, intended to answer your questions on spiritual energy, how to use it to create either change or resolution, heart wisdom and extended understanding.

Please email Anna at anna@ultimatewoman.com if you’d like to be a part of a future conversation, if you have any questions you’d like to have included or if you need clarification on anything already posted.


Meditation – Sending Healing with Love

Meditation, beginner’s/intermediate. If you’ve know of anyone who is ill, stressed, distressed or generally out of sorts, here is something tangible that you can do to assist them. Please just follow my voice to send the energy of healing love, whether subtly (privately) or with their knowledge. It all makes Read More

Life Strategy – How Much of Your World is Anchored in Fear?

Fear is such an interesting exploration, isn’t it? it’s all around and within us and so prevalent in our societies that we don’t realise how much we are Muppets in our knee-jerk reactions. Different people react from different levels of fear and this comes from how closed their mind is in Read More

Life Strategy – Knowing Yourself in Today’s World

Spirit is about knowing yourself, in any moment. And from this space to observe What-Is – and move with it (or not). And for this to happen, you have to experience yourself and All of Life from the inside out. Not who you think you are, or even think you Read More

Meditation Practice. Using Energy for Personal Protection.

Beginners Level. Life is all about energy and in the wider scheme there’s no good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative. It just is what it is and oftentimes too it’s other people’s emotional stuff projected outwards. Particularly in today’s age, it’s an increased responsibility to shield yourself from lower frequency energy, particularly that which Read More

Meditation Practice. On Presence. Simply Living Life to the Full.

Presence simply means being really, truly Alive, And focused on each moment as it arises by becoming acutely aware of how the energy around you feels. Anna introduces here the 12 Senses and their relationship to material perception. Here’s an easy practice for you to get into that space.

Life Strategy. Living in Simplicity

Simplicity is a precise focus on something so that there is both a lot of space, or there is no space. The energy just ‘is’, it doesn’t have a chance to move around and create complications. It just is what it is, and that’s it. You have to let go Read More

Using Soul Energy to Quickly Deal with Stress

Do you ever feel stressed by the volume of things in your life that needs to be done? Or to meet other people’s requirements (of you)? Here Anna shares some basic techniques that, rather than add to the stress of having to do even more things to stop you feeling Read More