Love from Véronique

Love from Véronique

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Working with Anna has taught me that we ALL have absolutely everything it takes, all the resources to handle life's situations - within us.

The love, the strength, the confidence, the deep knowledge, even the experience of our ancestors, everything is inside already. If we truly listen in and follow our intuition, then we will make choices that lead to balance, joy, connection.

Of course, in the face of adversity, the challenge is not only to believe this, but also to access our internal resources, to connect with ourselves.

To me, that is what Anna does: she helps women to find and trust their intuition, their strength and their power.
What I learned from her many years ago in a seminar recently helped me to make the difficult decision to move my family to another continent, despite much resistance on my husband's side. Whereas trying rationally weigh pros and cons in a rational way led us to doubt and confusion, I found that if I just kept asking myself what I wanted, the choice was very simple because the answer became evident. We have now made the move and it feels so right. I just know this will be good for all of us.

Anna's work is beautiful and so important because helping us, women, to find ourselves and our unique path is truly changing the world. When we are more connected to our intuition, we change not only our own lives for the better, but also the lives of many children and men around us.

I look forward to meeting some of you, someday, somewhere, learning in Anna's presence!

- Véronique