Veronica Semenova is a lawyer from Moscow. She lives in Limassol, Cyprus, with her daughter and partner, and is currently undertaking a PHD in psychology.

From Anna: I don't remember when and how Veronica and I first met, and we're both so busy we don't get to meet much. It doesn't matter anyway, because whenever we do, time shared is always so beautiful, the love between us is as deep as it is sincere.

It's always nice to receive feedback, and Veronica so inspired me with her words that I thought to share these – and all the others in this book - with you all, so that they may inspire you, too, in your own journey and therefore also our journeys together.

Anna came into my life at a difficult moment, at the time when my frustration with my work, my relationships and life overall seemed to be overwhelming. I was choking from aggression pulsating both around me and within, there was too much injustice to ever handle. Her lifesaving principles, so simple but yet so wise, have made me look at myself and my life from a completely different angle. I realized my frustration was a call for change. The Light was so close, and yet my eyes have not seen it for so many years.

With the Light, there came Love and Forgiveness to myself and all around, and then came Acceptance hand in hand with the Gratitude. All these amazing, deep Feelings lifted me far higher than I ever imagined. I discovered a great need for deeper knowledge and a call to help others around me to see the Light as well.

Today, I am happy to be who I am, to just be. I feel very grateful for being a part of life of those around me, for being blessed with all the knowledge I receive and can pass on. The change in me has led me to discover a great thirst for more academic knowledge. I have embarked on a difficult journey to pursue a PhD in Psychology, an effort hard and challenging but also very exciting for me at this stage of my life. Knowledge has started pouring in both from my studies and daily life. I clearly see and feel what kind of change I can make and who I could help.

There is so much unhappiness around us, but I know I can really make a difference in the lives of those around me and then see that they carry this change further affecting the lives of many more people. This simple but yet effective principle of social change through those who's lives we touch could create an amazing result. Today, I call for those around me to find the courage within to love themselves and one another, to put the ball down and stop fighting for nothing, to let go instead of possess.

Aggression is caused by insecurity, weakness and fear. I believe these feelings are sent to us in an effort to make us compare how dark the Dark is and how beautiful and bright is the Light. You can't start appreciating the Light until you have spent some time in the Darkness. And then to switch the Light on, all you need to do is replace insecurity and fear inside you with Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance and Gratitude.

I wish all of you, those who have been around Anna for a long time and those who are just starting their incredible journey, a lot of joy as you discover change around and within yourselves. I wish you would never fear being rejected, I wish you would always be in the warm Light shining bright throughout your journey.

Anna, thank you for being there for me. Thank you for serving your great purpose, for being so brave to stand up and call for change.

Love, Veronica.



Love, harmony and cooperation is the foundation of everything. In effect, it’s the wisdom representation All That is, potential of a new way of being, for everyone.

I call this “Knowing Love”, a part of knowing the depth and breadth of ourselves, what we can and do create – and taking responsibility for it.

Original purpose, if you like.

Understanding, acceptance and practice of this is freedom. It brings us all fully alive, to celebrate ourselves and each other equally.

What a gift! - Anna Hughes