Therese Solderval works in the field of textiles as a designer. Two years ago she moved from Sweden to Shanghai to explore a new world. She says that Shanghai is ever- changing and has so much to offer, almost every weekend she goes to the market to look for nice silk fabrics, planning new garments to make.

Women and the Feminine Principle in Shanghai, June 2010

The first exercise we made was in pairs, we looked into each other’s eyes and connected our hearts, after a short while I felt my heart jumping a few times my heart beating faster, with tears I felt we were connected as One, that she was me and I was her. There is only One.
Quote from Anna I bring with me since the workshop,

“Feel what you think
Think what you feel”

Listen to your Self, and learn to differentiate between these. Very important.

 Anna pushed us gently to go outside our comfort zone to feel and feel in different ways through her meditations and teachings.
After one of the meditations, when it was my turn to share Anna said 123 Nasa take off, it was very funny. Yes, I felt like a rocket taking off into the far distance, at the same time the energy filled my body. This energy made me shake, I could feel I was moving, I didn't know I was shaking. I was so excited.

I also felt the energy as warmth, a heat moving within, my hands were so warm. It was a pleasant experience it felt good to let go and open to fill and to feel this energy rejuvenate my cells.

During the meditations Anna told us that it is safe and to hold the energy, it made it much easier for me to let go of the resistance I had in the past of welcoming the energy to go deeper. I felt that the resistance was only of my 'body', my thinking mind.

I wanted to anchor the energy deep within my Self. I am safe.

While Anna guided us in the meditations it was easy to follow her voice, to energetically expand and move the energy. It went so quick and so easy, like the movement of the energy was creating a new more expanded body for me. It was like the Nike slogan,

Just do it! It is easy - you decide, she said!  Very creative.

The body is my vehicle; my understanding of these words has changed. I AM so thankful for the body I have and want to be gentle and give it better care and love. I see my body as more beautiful than before, I can feel the energy that wants to come through and to be shared with  others.

About the second week after the workshop I had deep cleansing reactions both physical and emotional, I also helped my body to cleanse with herbs during this time. Cleansing my body makes it easier to connect my MIND and cleansing my mind helps my BODY to release emotional baggage. Both are Re connected.

I feel the knowing about, ALL THAT IS, it helps me whenever I experience an emotion like fear or resistance to see the situation with the eyes of the bigger expanded picture, and I accept myself for having these emotions and I know they will pass. Sometimes I change the emotion in forehand other times I just let it be and observe what happens. Yes, sometimes I judge myself and it is fine also that will pass. I bring more awareness into my daily life and see myself in a new light, for that I am grateful.

Thank You Anna, and all the brave ladies, for two wonderful days.

Love from Shanghai, Therese