Love from Rebecca

Love from Rebecca

Rebecca Raftis (above) has two children and lives in Nicosia, Cyprus with her husband. She works in a bank and adores traveling.

“If I were a bird with wings to fly
maybe I would want my wings no more
but I am not a bird and I have no wings to fly
so my soul is searching for wings to fly”

This is a poem that I wrote as a child which I still remember. Thinking about it today, it seems that our desire to search and expand has is inherent in all of us. I have known Anna for a lot of years now and I feel very blessed about it. I have learned through Anna that there is a lot of learning that comes through sharing as we are all interconnected in a power of one.

Anna introduced the Incredible Women Group about 2 years ago at the One-Touch Centre in Nicosia where we have been meeting about once a month on Thursday evenings. I have personally attended most of the meetings and look forward to them every time. Each time it is a new group of women yet we bond and embrace each other genuinely and sincerely with love and respect for one another. It is quite amazing how we all feel comfortable to share and discover things about ourselves and about the essence of being.

Anna usually guides us in discussion either of a pre-set topic such as “how to connect with our intuition” or “how to learn to deal with men” or anything that the group feels they want to give attention to. The meeting also includes some meditations guided by Anna where jointly we try to breathe into the energy that is created and keep it inside of us to be able to connect with it later.

Throughout the sessions many principles have stayed with me such as “it’ s ok”, “I am who I am”, “I am an incredible woman full of love and sensitivity and so are all women”, “we create our realities” and that we should try to “feel with our heart more and think with our mind less”.

I have come to realize that everything is so very simple and the answers are in front of us. Yet we are often trapped in what society tries to impose on us as reality. I know now that everything is possible and that I am the master of my own life. I am also the one responsible to dance in the energy of love and joy and turn my back to other negative energies around me as everything can be overcome with love.

I have also worked with Anna on a personal level and thank her for helping me clear up issues that caused me suffering. What I consider precious are the techniques and mantras that Anna teaches that make the individual able to continue the healing at home. Being able to find our silence brings us close to the spirit of God, makes us able to communicate with ourselves within, our organs, our essence. It also helps us relate and get power and joy from everything around us, the trees, the birds, the wind and the waters. I wish that you have the chance to meet with Anna or someone else that can help you as well connect with powerful healing energies.

I end this letter with what Anna has inspired me to say: “I send you love, peace and joy”

December 2012