Love from NA

Love from NA

At first, I was reluctant to have a reading as I wasn't sure what added value it would bring to me. A friend of mine recommended that I have the session and I went in not knowing what to expect.

In just 1 hour of a guided meditation and an energy reading, I was able to confront many of the issues that I had been dealing with and that have had a weight on me. Although I felt contradicting emotions, I came out relieved, happy, and with the necessary confidence that I need to have to overcome the day-to-day headaches, hiccups, and challenges of Life.

When I got back from my retreat i was immediately confronted with the same issues that troubled me but I instantly felt the changes in my approach in dealing with those and this is truly rewarding.

Thank you Anna for your time and guidance and I hope that we meet again in the future.

N.A; Lebanon
December 2012