Love from MT

Love from MT

Last year finished and the new started on a beautiful note.

What do I write about you Anna. You are Beautiful and so full of Grace. There were so many blockages and tiredness and pain accumulated over so many decades in this life and probably over many lives. Hearing about you from and then the almost involuntary need to connect with your energy and travel to meet with you was a miracle which began this healing and started clearing so much accumulated negativity . It began a cleansing which opened me to start receiving grace in my life.

Your caring and the generosity with which you give of yourself is humbling and so endearing. It is so obvious that your own spiritual growth and connection with a higher consciousness fills you with so much unconditional love and all fortunate to meet with you begin a positive transformation in their lives.

I feel so connected with you as I write this and I do look forward to meeting with you soon.

My love to you and the family for A Great 2013.

January 2013
New Dehli