Love from Michele

Love from Michele

Women and the Feminine Principle in London, January, 2012

For years I have been knocking myself out with valium and alcohol, hiding from people and life in general. I held a fear which I could not touch or describe. I have always felt I was not good enough for this world and there was no joy in my life.

I decided to eo Anna's workshop because I wanted to change, you can only hide in the darkness for so long. It took the untimely death of my elder brother at the beginning of this year to wake me up to the life I was wasting while his had been cut short at 48.

I learned in the workshop that we are eternal beings and that death only exists in the physical form. I also learned that we are all part of God and can create the lives we want, and that we are all capable of this.

I still have a long way to go but have already stopped taking valium and don't drink myself in oblivion anymore. My next steps are to take the time to mediate and develop my intution. As for the fear I learned that life is an adventure and a gift from God which is precious.

Love from
London, January 2012

Michele Field lives in London and is a trainee podiatrist.

Although each One who comes through to work with me is important and inspiring, each in their own way, Michele is particularly so because I watched her grow up, in Hong Kong.

Love from Michele


My wish for you is that you will always choose to stand in the light of who you be, in balance, in strength and without harming anyone. I wish for you too the ability to nurture who you be, to stand in the light of who you be within that nurturing, sharing it with others, at the same time remaining true to Self.

Anna Hughes.