Love from Mary Page

Love from Mary Page

“Who was that beautiful woman in the flowing gown.” I wondered. With awe I watched Anna on Sunday mornings in the Anglican service, held in the Greek Orthodox Church, always smiling and always gracious. Through the church grape vine - a scornful grapevine - I learned that she did yoga, meditated, and did other healing disciplines outside of the realm of the understanding of the grape vine folks.

At the end of a Sunday service I saw her at the back of the church with Ken beside her. Anna was meditating. I went and sat beside her waiting, watching for her meditation to end. Ken watched me watching her. She opened her eyes and I, without prelude, said “What you do and what you offer is what I have yearned for, what I have missed since coming to Cyprus. “

And so began my searching with Anna as a guide. We played, we laughed, we explored where I was in my journey. We both grew form those days. Anna offered different disciplines but was always based in herself as I explored who I was under the facade of my persona.

Our work challenged me and began to help me focus internally rather than, what I had done until then, search for another discipline I could learn. While my internal shifted, I held the persona keeping one foot there and one in the world so foreign to friends and family, the world of Spirit, healing, Chakras, meridians.

Seven years later, having seen Anna on Skype but not in person, being with the Nazarene, I no longer jump on the newest discipline for healing or energetic work. My foot has come out of the external camp as I let go of needing to be a volunteer, saying yes to things I know need a “Hell NO” response.

Now, at 72, I feel a completeness in me and a desire to create my own reality for this part of my journey. The road here has been bumpy, some created by my self and the “should’s” I carry with me for being the wife of a Bishop (Episcopal, not Catholic) and from a family that views anything but the traditional ways of Church, Religion, Growing as weird.

The person I was, waiting for Anna to open her eyes, is reflected in who I am today. I no longer - and haven’t for a long time - look for God out there or up there. I no longer believe the church will offer anything more than the doctrines they hold as the only way to know God....the “out there” God. I know God as me, as Holy.

My friendship with Anna our laughter, our fun and funny conversations have continued the connectedness we have shared since her early days in Cyprus. My work of creating my own reality grows out of my work with her gentle and not so gentle prodding over the years and our laughter together.

As I was writing this my sister called from the East coast of the USA - I live in the Rocky Mountain West, telling me of a woman I knew years ago. My sister’s comment was “She’s gotten really weird talking about Shamans and all that crazy stuff.” My very intentional, and first of its kind , response to her was “I talk to a master Healer and Spiritual Teacher and she is wonderful.”

It felt good and I smiled!
There is only light.

Mary Page
June 2013