Love from Lena

Love from Lena

Lena Stephanou lives in Nicosia with her husband. She has two children currently at university.

I first met Anna about 8 or 9 years ago. And am not sure whether it was winter or spring. A friend of mine had called and said that a lady is giving a talk at Classic Hotel on life matters and life issues would you like to go? And I did. And I met Anna. I don't remember exactly what she said that late afternoon but I remember that it made sense. It was a simple and to the point talk and made me wonder how easy things in life can be and why didn't I think of that. It was so heart-felt and warm and like a Christmas morning - sweet, gentle, surprising and happy.(Anna knows how much I love Christmas time).

I have been following Anna ever since and am so happy that I have met her and that she is part of my life. She has helped me see into so many aspects of life, as it is understood by most on the planet earth.

I have learnt to love left, right and centre - unconditionally. I feel stronger. My feet are on the ground, walking a straight-ish line as if it were, instead of flying all over the place making no-sense.

I have learned to hear my inner voice. Although I doubt it at times, I still know that all is well and that this too shall pass. I have learned that there is no bad or wrong or difficult or impossible. I have learned to fight my fears ( well most of the times)and bring down the barriers which I have raised and which barriers separate me from the abundance of the love, good health, justice and wealth that exists in the universe.

Five years ago, it was in June I have burned my left hand fingers with boiling water from the kettle. I met Anna at a seminar two days later with my left hand all wrapped up. Anna ask me to have a look at the wounds and I said, don't worry am visiting the doctor every other day and he is treating my wounds. Five years later I have learned that I can heal myself, both on the outer shell and in the inner plane. I know I am a bit of a slow student and thank Anna for her immense patience.

In all honesty I feel safe that I know Anna,I feel safer when she is in Cyprus and I feel the safest when we meet From our first session 9 years ago to today’s sessions there is a huge change and a wonderful progress. I can feel it.

There are a lot of stories that I share with Anna. A lot. There isn't a best and a least best story. All are important, because all are lessons for me. I do hear Anna's advices throughout my daily routine. Sometimes I do follow them, sometimes I don't, and that is also part of my journey.

One thought that always stays with me is to love and to for-give. And both are free of charge and they cost nothing. And during these days of the so called economic crisis what better gift to give to yourself, your family and friends Love and For-give.

With lots of love ,
Nicosia, Cyprus
April 2013