Love from Evita

Love from Evita

Mystical Cyprus
Visit to the Church of Panagia tis Asinou. Troodos, Cyprus 8 May 2010

It's midnight and everything is in silence. I felt that this was the appropriate time to share today's experience of our visit to the ancient church of Panagia tis Asinou.
While we were driving there at midday with Andri and my sister Marlene we were talking about our thoughts, ideas and life in general and we were as always wondering and eager to anticipate what this visit would be like.

The moment we reached the beautiful scenery of Asinou surrounded by pine trees and lush vegetation I instantly felt that our session here would be very special. Away from the sounds of the city and into the different sounds and smells of nature I felt at ease.

It was great to see a group of women of different ages. With some we had met before at other group sessions and conferences and we forged bonds of friendship. However, it is fantastic to see the group growing with new people joining and bringing their own energies.

At first we introduced ourselves and shared what we were really looking for during this 'trip'. Some wanted to experience the unseen, others to feel the power of nature and go beyond limitation and find out more about themselves.

We then went into the church where our wonderful guide Effie gave us an insightful guidance on the history and iconography of the Byzantine frescoes by pointing out the meaning of the imagery represented. I was truly amazed by the great spirituality infused in the elongated figures and the melancholic eyes of saints.
After this, we gathered in the yard of the church where Anna led us into a past life regression. We were guided into a previous life time during which we experienced a violent death because of our beliefs and the aim was to erase that painful memory which was carried into our current life. This was a profound experience for me personally as not only did it open up a new pathway but it made it clear and confirmed what I really need to do. I truly felt that I need to move on. It was also great to share this experience with all the other ladies and receive such warmth and acceptance.

I believe that in our second guided tour in the narthex of the church after our first meditation, we all felt to a greater extent the spirituality of the placeIt was even more on our final meditation that took place at the eastern side of the church that we felt a spiritual reconnection with nature and earth. As Anna guided us through a wonderful journey of experiencing the earth again through water, fields, mountains, hills, oceans, I felt the sensation of being part of mother earth. That was something I had forgotten and I remembered again, this feeling of rejuvenation and renewal when one is united to nature. And I wasn't the only one. Everybody else's face was also glowing.

Thank you Anna and beautiful ladies for this magnificent experience.

Love from Evita


“My wish for you is that you will always choose to stand in the light of who you be, in balance, in strength and without harming anyone. I wish for you too the ability to nurture who you be, to stand in the light of who you be within that nurturing, sharing it with others, at the same time remaining true to Self.”
- Anna in December 2010’s newsletter to friends and clients.