Love from Blanca

Love from Blanca

Blanca Garcia is a communication specialist who was born and raised in Mexico. She was educated in Switzerland and has lived most of her adult life in Europe. Her passion is to use her skills to create and facilitate the tools that help empower Latin American women over 40. She has a 13-year old daughter who is the love of her life.

She has been someone who embraced her healing wholeheartedly, understood totally the concepts I teach and moved quickly into her own empowerment. She didn't look back at all.

'Why me? Why now? Why this, why that?' If you knew me two years ago that's what you would hear me say day in and day out.

I was a martyr and my life was a drama. You see, it was easier to be the victim than to take responsibility for my life. It was simpler to believe that I could not change what made me miserable because it was all happening 'to me'.

And then I saw the light. Quite literally!

I don't believe in coincidences. I believe that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. That's how I know that meeting Anna was something that I called into my life when I was ready to make a real change. I just didn't know it consciously at the time and especially I didn't know that the change would happen so amazingly fast!

Anna was the guide who took me lovingly and firmly to find my internal balance and to remember my potential as an incredible woman. After my first session with her I decided that I was committed to this journey. I would not be a spiritual tourist, I was there to listen and learn from her, feel her energy and unconditional love, and finally remember how to go within to connect with myself, love Who I AM and simply BE.
It was hard work to let go the fear and feel with my heart that I AM the creator of my own life and that there is such a thing as a Divine Plan. That in this lifetime only two things are for sure: our birth and that a time of transition will come eventually. That these two events are like two points on a map and that, no matter which road I take to get from one to the other, the destination will ALWAYS be the same.
Therefore, it is up to ME and only me to decide which road to take. It is MY decision how I want to experience every moment along the journey, and that if I want a happy life the only way to achieve it is to choose to be happy in each PRESENT moment, always knowing that Spirit is with me.
Anna was there along the way while I came to each one of these realisations. She helped me get from where I was to where I want to BE. She helped m that I am and will always be grateful to her. She helped me realise that everything might seem impossible until WE make it possible.

At this point my journey is taking me back to my homeland in Mexico. There is where my heart has always yearned to be and where I know that I will continue growing in love.
I am closing this cycle in Cyprus in peace and feeling grateful for what it was. I am sad to say good-bye to Anna but I know that my heart will always be connected to hers, because we ARE ALL ONE.

Love from
Blanca X