Meditation. Uplifting Your Inner Nature Through the 5 Elements

Intermediate Level. Your inner nature is reflected in the nature around you. Yet most of the time you’re likely too busy to really see what’s around you, never mind feel what’s within. Here’s something short and fulfilling to bring your focus back inward, a space from where you can truly see and feel again the beauty of all that is.

The key here is in the feeling, not of your emotional body. Of your inner sense, which is beyond this.

Follow my voice to connect with each of the Five Elements of nature. From these arise your five senses, essential to give context to your inner and outer worlds of existence.  As you become more practiced in navigating both, you will become more able to direct energy. In finding this balance, you will be more able to go beyond matter and anchor more firmly into your own space where. Here is known as the field of infinite potential, where everything is possible. Enjoy – and thank you!

What did you experience?… Did you feel expansion of any sort? How are you going to use these in context with your life situation?… share them with me together with your questions. I’ll reply to them all!

Recorded and filmed at Kamalaya Koh Samui

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