Meditation Practice. Supermoon, You, Love and Relationships.

Lunar eclipses bring things up from the hidden, invisible parts of you so that you can consider them and make a choice either to let them go or to bring them to fruition. This lightens your inner being and with more space within, you will take more determined steps. Relationships too are the most important part of your life as they reflect yourself – who you are is what you see around you. Life just flows, sometimes challenging more than others, these are what makes you grow. How you direct your energy is then experienced within the environment around you and understanding and taking responsibility for this will bring great reward.

We’re now in the energy of a spectacular full moon lunar eclipse bringing you to possibility of riding its energy to go into the past in terms of your relationships and use this space to move forward into new life. Take forward with you what works and give you joy, discard the rest as life unfolds for you in a more gentle, more graceful and gracious way. What insights did you receive here? How do they resonate? And how will you take them forward. Please email me if you have any questions or doubts!

Practice can be done at any time, just tune into the energy and vroom-vroom…. away you go.

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