Listen to Your Own Heartbeat. Principles of Womanhood. My View by Disha Joshi.

Each culture defines womanhood differently, and yet the central theme is the same. Question is not so much how women are viewed inasmuch as how women view themselves. That’s the key, not just to this fundamental question in Life, to many others too. Disha is originally from Dehli and have lived and worked internationally. Here’s her view as a part of our indepth exploration of the spiritual aspects of Womanhood. – Anna.


Butterfly - symbol of freedom in many cultures

Butterfly – symbol of freedom in many cultures

I was born and brought up in India –  the characteristics of womanhood which most people use to define it are the following – woman is supposed to be brave, selfless care taker of the family, a home maker ( as the key person to the harmony and peace in the house ). She should be gentle , submissive and be always ready to sacrifice . There is an explicit expression that she’s weak or inferior .

In my independent point of view, I really don’t relate to the commonly described womanhood principles. For a woman is similar to man – because we all are spirit . So woman has same qualities of love , peace , joy , light , strength , intelligence and loyalty as a man – they are the same . In fact, it’s akin to spirit manifesting as different types of flowers – they are of different colors & fragrance , types & shapes however are from the same source ( spirit ) .

Then another picture comes to my mind which is of yin and yang – which again represents the oneness with different and complementing energies . The energy woman brings is a multi-layered feminine one … mild and yet assertive, full of love and yet discerning, of adaptability, creativity and it’s of courage . It both complements and is complemented by masculine energy of one-pointedness, more rooted in practical aspects of life, with sharp intelligence and iron will. However, there is a blurring out the of lines between manhood and womanhood – like a continuum. Since men and women are combinations of both of these qualities and these combinations are infinite, they both play the role of co-creators and hence as the ultimate different manifestation of the same source (Spirit).

So in essence, womanhood and manhood are different (unique) and yet One. Woman and man are one and the same (Spirit) – there’s nothing in the One-ness that is inferior or superior, or that either is stronger or weaker.

Here’s my question, though. Most people consider India to be a very spiritual country peopled by very old souls.  Isn’t it paradoxical then that the same country has over 3 million plus female infanticides a year due to deep rooted belief that man is superior?


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Disha was born and brought up in India and currently lives in Singapore. She loves to connect with like-minded people and is enjoying every moment of life as it unfolds one by one .

Butterfly picture by Joyita, also in Singapore.

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