Life Strategy. Inside Each of Us, All Of us, Ultimately, We Seek Peace.

For quite a while now, I’ve been concerned at where our world is going at current trajectory. So during the September new moon, I asked to see. And I was shown that what is happening in terms of the growing conflict in our world today is not going to be sorted out anytime soon. It’ll take years, maybe even a generation or more because it’s effectively conflict with an invisible enemy. There may be some advances that may seem like successes, but they will be small plasters on a massive suppurating wound mostly because the core is rotten. Like the head of the hydra, once a pistule is cut several more will spring forth. The darkness is fulfilled by its ability to strike terror through its lack of compassion, in ignorance of Truth, the absence of Love and individuals’ personal emotional baggage embedded in cultural memory banks. The darkness isn’t just in war zones and seeking to spread it. It is and has always been living amongst us all, wherever we are in the history of our world.Since then – well, even before then – I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s going on in our world right now.Haven’t you?And I’ve been thinking about each of you too who individually, collectively share with me your innermost thoughts and lives. You are all of you so very human, and so keen to do what is right – for you, your families, everyone around you really. And I thought that I could teach around this, or we could look at it together, without fear.When you factor everything in, and see deeply the many different layers of life, you will see that essentially we are all living the projections of our mind and many of these are distorted, a reactive list of -must-and-should-do’s that are rooted into us from birth, most of the time without us being aware of it.

In material terms, we are living separated from our innermost being, lives that are very often fear-based illusion erroneously called ‘reality’ and focused mostly on limitation and separation, us from ourselves and with each other. And modern-day culture is teaching us to communicate mostly through technology rather than listening closely to people speaking to us and most of all listening to ourselves. Our mind wanders, mostly to what needs to be done, what people said or did, and how we are going to deal with it all. And so on.

Most people have in their daily lives more than enough to deal with, without having to stretch to think about what’s going on in the world around them, and come to a knowing about where that’s all heading and what to do about it all too. Yet it’s critically important to be aware, because from this springs the tools to deal with it.

It is undeniable that the darkness is growing around us in the world. To teach inspiration, or joy, or love, or any other aspect of Spirit and to not acknowledge this is to pretend there isn’t an elephant in the room. There is, and it’s big. And it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

Most people think that if it’s not in their area, or if they don’t watch the news, it’s not going to affect them.

Great thought-process, but …. boinngggg …. inaccurate simply because Life is inextricably networked, you me, everyone else and every situation around us too. That’s life.

“When the war started (in Syria) I thought this is the beginning of the end of all ‘darkness’ as you call it,” someone wrote to me recently. “They are going to destroy each other. It was bound to happen. It creates an imbalance in the Universe and it has to correct itself. Love has to prevail in the end. Any cause based on hatred and darkness cannot survive. It is on a self-destruct course right now.”

What is on a self-destruct course right now? War? The darkness?


We are – because ultimately most people are just watching events unfold as if it’s just a soap opera and will never touch them. But the fact that you are just observing means that whoever you are watching struggling in the waves, trudging through countries, living in camps, dying from some virus and/or whatever is your karma too, because you are present. You can read specifics in the article on watching the Interconnection of Karma Being Expressed Today.

In writing this I was accused of not seeing what was really happening. “Everyone understands the humanity side of the problem,” someone wrote. “But spare a thought for the reality of the situation. Particularly in the years ahead,”I was told in reference to the Charlie Hebdo and similar massacres.

My point is that there is no one answer on how to fix any single event but by staying inert or even live in fear of recurrence it is going to grow unchallenged. My point too is that it has now become signficant that each one of us plays a decisive part in clearing our own piece of the darkness by seeing and connecting with our own inner Light. By so doing, we ultimately clear the collective not by doing, simply by recognising, embodying and expressing the extent of our innermost BEING.

Rumi puts it beautifully. “There is one thing in this world which must never be forgotten. If you were to forget everything else, but were not to forget this, there would be no cause to worry, while if you remembered, performed and attended to everything else, but forgot that one thing, you would in fact have done nothing whatsoever. It is as if a king had sent you to a country to carry out one special, specific task. You go to the country and you perform a hundred other tasks, but if you have not performed the task you were sent for, it is as if you have performed nothing at all. So man has come into the world for a particular task, and that is his purpose. If he doesn’t perform it, he will have done nothing.”

This is what is meant by bringing Spirit into materiality and the first focus of our humanity. It’s not about your ego, or your personality, that part of you between birth and death. It’s about defining, expressing and experiencing the enormous infinite and eternal part of you in the meantime. And forever.

You start by knowing the heart of your innermost being, from which springs the core of you. Whilst each one’s journey is different, deep within our collective soul it is the fundamentally the same. And that is our fundamental desire to live together in peace, grow in understanding, be heard, seen and valued.Most of all to be loved. And each one to know that for this to happen, we first have to be this then reflect it outwards

To follow the path of this wisdom has now become urgent, its complexity in the light of what is happening in our world today made even more difficult because the majority of society is stuck in illusion. That wealth or its pursuit buys happiness, power is about the ability to control and manipulate, that businesses can flourish at the expense of its people and that greed, excess and waste through ignorance (or not) are themes of life to be celebrated. It’s a sad fantasy that when most people are pursuing these ‘dreams’, including governments who protect the right of their people to continue this way of existence, human life and community consciousness are sacrificed in other, different parts of the world. It seems that it’s okay that someone (else) has to give away something so others can continue to have it.

Well, not just governments.Individuals too.

The darkness that has now come to light in our world is both a sickness and an opportunity so don’t give in to it by being afraid of it, nor by judging it, because where-ever you place your mind will grow it. Eyeball it instead by knowing that you can only be silenced if you believe that it and what it says is real.


Attend to it instead by focusing on your wisdom journey. Stay connected to Spirit – your Spirit which keeps you authentic, and don’t be afraid to speak your truth, whatever that may be and however uncomfortable it is for you to deliver or your audience to hear. See clearly the  multiple addictions and accompanying desires of this modern age, what takes people out of themselves, distracts from what is happening right under their noses.


Wish for the best for everyone and if Spirit gives you an idea to enact within this, don’t be afraid to do so. It’s your journey and your karmic contract with yourself.


Above all, don’t be afraid of yourself or the immensity of what you can achieve. You may be one, that bends like the reed in the wind, yet if you are able to connect with others who are all on the same path – a community consciousness of wisdom, of growth, of love and sharing, you will be indestructible. Thus will the light – which is really the light of awareness and your own spiritual heart – eyeball the darkness, each in your own way.


It’s all these tiny lights that together form a massive flame of your own greatest potential, knowing that you are already playing your part in eyeballing the darkness merely by the light of your ultimate Being into it.


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