Life Strategy. Part 2 of What Is Spirituality. An Out-of-the-Box Exploration

Continuing our conversation on What-Is Spirituality.

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There are only two things in material life that are definite. You are born and you die. That’s it. Between these there is a range of choice that comes from Spirit’s gift of a mind with which to think, a heart with which to feel, and free will in weaving it all together. With your intuition, that voice of your Soul and your connector to All That Is all you need to do is to simply focus on where you’re heading, precisely. Where you are now is Presence. What-Is.
And the choice of what and how to fulfill all this material space is purely yours.
At the beginning of any journey, life or otherwise, it often seems daunting. By breaking everything down into simple steps, though, you find that things will converge into a rhythm of movement seemingly without effort. It’s that simple. Each little step once done becomes a memory and as life flows on you find all your little memories ultimately merge into one big one.
How you felt about this, or that,how you felt about anything at any time is intertwined and will impact choice whether you are conscious of them or not. This is your history.
It’s important to be aware of this as you move forward, because this history is the underlying theme to being fully alive. Do any memories come up, fleeting or otherwise on any past situation? What are they? Do they define where you’d like to head in the future? You’d be surprised on how many people make choices for the future based on memories of the past. The what-ifs.
Just because something happened in the past need not mean that it will happen again in the future.  Unless, of course, you feed energy into it.
By focusing on each step, and by creating memories of a specific value to you, without mindless chatter you find that your life becomes one history of multiple, brilliant memories. Some are lighter than others, of course, upon reflection you will see a certain relationship that if you wish you can encapsulate into one or two words that form the thread of your life, a part of the Journey of Your Soul.
What is your thread? This is what you’ve come to learn, in this lifetime. By in-breathing this in the light of acceptance, you harmonise Soul energy and move on. At the same time, seeing and accepting your gifts mean that you grow this part of your energy too.
Memories can be changed, too, you know. More specifically you can change your emotional attachment to any memory at any time just by being aware, create understanding. Mostly by accepting that they are over. Then you are no longer prisoner to the more challenging ones. Without diminishing the value of each experience, space is opened within for other, perhaps lighter, experiences to spring forth.
This is the most direct way of short-circuiting an undisciplined mind that is focused on what-ifs. Otherwise known as fear, it gnaws the soul and reduces the beauty of life into pointless soul-searching,a mindless search for the Self that is already Present, now.
Think about it. :)
Picture by Mina Ficarra, Melbourne
Taken in Vietnam.

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