Life Strategy. Making Your Dreams Come True

140418 Write your own Story “Dream big dreams. Determine and define them. Create infrastructure to bring them through. And share them, however you will, without fear. It’s time.” – Anna.

To progress through Life you have to have a dream. Or a series of dreams. Dreams are a part of the language of the Soul, and it’s Spirit – your spirit – speaking to you.

Everything is a dream and life is about living the dream. Your dream.

There are many ways and many levels that we can explore this. To keep it simple, for this one we are looking at how to bring into material reality your dream of living and doing something, whatever it is.

The best way to define your dreams is to do so in meditation. It is only in your own silence that you will be able to see clearly where you want to be and what you want to experience.

Best time to do it is between new and full moon nearest your birthday.

Once you’ve defined it for yourself, best is that you don’t share it much with everyone, because usually when you do, they’ll all have an opinion and you’ll get confused. The only person you may wish to share it with is someone neutral who will help you bring it through.

The next step is that you feel the dream as if it has already come true, and you say thank you. This is the energy that you hold to move forward.

Many people think that this is enough for a dream to come through. But because you live on the material plane, it is also important to  think through a plan of action as to how you are going to bring through any particularly dream. So in your meditation you also ask to know the strategy and planning to make this happen. You have just created inner space for it to happen and aligned vision with intent. Then you allow things to arise in their own natural rhythm, mind (planning, implementation) and heart (vision, desire, spiritual journey) adjoined.

In this way the mind becomes the servant of the Soul, working within the energy of a successful outcome. To have a plan of action means that you are taking responsibility for what you are creating. It’s vitally important that you keep an open mind as to outcome – sometimes it’s the journey that’s important as it opens the door to other experiences, growth that you would never have had otherwise! At the end of the day (at the end of Life), it’s always about your growth.

Plans of action must come step-by-step, one at a time simply because the material world is made of many different energies, some not supportive of what you are doing, others more so. We’re often thrown curved balls too, just to make life more interesting! To keep your view clear, it’s important to keep your intuition working all the time, sensing outcomes through energy. Sometimes you will need to change direction very quickly and you will feel this, often without a ‘logical’ explanation. By staying connected in this way too means that you come from the heart, rather than just from the mind.

Our intuition is another tool Spirit uses to speak with us and it’s either direct information, or via symbols. To know which is the best direction or course of action for you, you ask the question and then you feel the energy. As long as it’s for your highest good and ego is less involved rather than more, this will help you become congruent with the energy of your dream, and with this comes synchronicity, when doors seem to magically open by themselves for you. Generally, if it feels good, you feel excited and/or happy about it, then go for it! Otherwise, ask yourself the question of why you’re bothering!

Sometimes,  your dream is not for now, it’s for a time in the future and you are planting the seed in present moment to grow into. Or, you needed to experience the planning for some reason, mostly because this too is the fastest way for you to grow.

Whatever is right for you, whatever is the ultimate outcome of your dream, enjoy the journey. Keep smiling, stay motivated, because it is usually at these times, when energy is high, that your dreams will come true.

What sort of dreams do you have that have come true? In what ways have you experienced the magic of synchronicity? Please share your experiences and questions with us below so that we can all celebrate each others’ dreams.



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