Life Strategy. Listen. Inside Each of Us, All Of Us, Ultimately, We Seek Peace.

In Thailand there is a very old saying: “Rivermen’s discernment helps one to make the appropriate moment and diminish the influence of Fate.  Mekong fishermen stay abreast of change.”

In today’s ever-chaotic world, are you ready to take charge of what’s around – and within – you? Stop running around after what doesn’t matter and walk away from ignorance, confusion, inaccurate perspective and delusion? And achieve a little more permanent peace at the same time, by connecting with your own inner Spirit, not just some of the time, all of the time? Listen here to know the effects of connecting to your own Spiritual energy. By your commitment to this, you become part of a community of Wisdom Love devoted to holding the light in the face of great darkness in how things are currently established in our world. Would love to hear your understandings of the messages that came through me as I recorded this.

It can be an emotive subject – if you allow it. Everyone is thinking about it and afraid they will say the ‘wrong’ thing. Let me know YOUR thought, would be great to hear from you.

You can read it here too! Enjoy!