Life Strategy – Knowing Yourself in Today’s World

Spirit is about knowing yourself, in any moment. And from this space to observe What-Is – and move with it (or not). And for this to happen, you have to experience yourself and All of Life from the inside out. Not who you think you are, or even think you should be – this is the Mind. Who you are at core level can first of all only be felt, then a communication occurs with yourself. When you are practices, you are able to move beyond the material – or ego – and communicate with your Spiritual body, that part of you that is pure consciousness. Here is not only the life that  you’ve always wanted (“dreamed of”), it is your ultimate Home.

When you are ‘there’ you are connected with Spirit’s gift of a mind with which to think, a heart with which to feel, and free will in weaving it all together. With your intuition, that voice of your Soul and your connector to All That Is all you then need to do is to simply focus on where you’re heading, precisely. Where you are now is Presence. What-Is, and eventually they become moment-by-moment memories that define your life. All wonderful human stories, experienced together and how you’re ultimately remembered. And of course, how you re-member yourself, one fragment at a time, to take forward in the whole of Life.

Enjoy this reflection, and come back to me with insights and questions.


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