Life Strategy. Is Change Happening Through You? Or To You?

???????????????????????????????Do you feel that recently Life is increasing in both velocity as well as intensity? It’s a time of great change for everyone and because you are sensitive, likely you are feeling the energy shift.

Many of you are in either deliberate and therefore planned transition or it’s been brought to you in some form and you’re having to deal with it. Or, you’re holding space for someone else to shift, perhaps someone close to you, and either there’s little support around you. Or, that person is resisting and making it difficult all ’round.

Our whole world is changing and it’s gaining momentum. Human nature is to distrust change, then to fear it before there comes the beginnings of acceptance and all of this impacts your energy field. To a certain extent too a shadow is spreading around our worldand you’re having to reach deep, deep down into your wisdom so that you can place everything into correct context to understand what’s happening. Especially at this time you need to be embedded in your own truth, be able move with it freely and not be pulled or pushed (or bullied) by someone else’s opinion (or fear) about what’s really going on.

There is around you now the power of renewal and when you feel exceptionally challenged, best to remember that life always unfolds in the most perfect way. Make the most of each opportunity offered – there always is, in every precious moment. Who are you, what do you want to achieve and how do you want to be remembered? One moment, one step, one choice at a time gives you flexibility in a quickly-changing environment. And your inner voice will guide you all the way.

Your inner voice and your intuition is the same thing; to have a conversation with yourself you have to be quiet and in your own inner space and then Spirit comes to you. Your Spirit. You. That’s why I keep stressing the importance of practice – it keeps you anchored and centred into the core of your Being. It’s exactly the same principle of training for a marathon – when you put in the miles, it becomes easy and seeing a wider, or deeper view becomes your natural way or being.

Spirit, in material form means you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Spirit communicates in many different ways, often indirectly and you have to be paying attention to pick up the messages always there for you It’s much more than the mind, of course, at the same time your thoughts create your life because everything is reflected outwards. So take great care in what you think, how fear-based it all is and most important, whose beliefs you are expressing, and why.

If you’re out of practice, here are beginner-level ones to connect you with your higher wisdom, Intuition and Your Life Choices and also Extend Your Inner View – two very different ways to get to the same inner space. Enjoy! Loads more on this Spiritual Guidance page and as always, email me with any questions.

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