Using Intuition in Today’s Modern World

Using Intuition in Today’s Modern World

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Everyone. Specifically, all who might wish to seek beyond the material world, for you to know yourselves differently, your place in your world and how to manage your lives, work, family and relationships in more fulfilling and meaningful ways.

This course is written for everyone who has questions about personal power beyond their everyday work, performance, achievement and compensation-orientated environment. These questions might include: who you ‘really’ are, where you might ‘really’ come from and how you might relate with each other into greater personal understanding, contentment, joy and cooperation.

Given in everyday language, spiritual teacher Anna Hughes skillfully uses simple words to explain advanced ideas; and meditation/visualisation techniques to assist you to experience the unexplainable. Concepts used relate to real-life situations in offices, schools and colleges, with both family and friends, this course is a foundation to what can be a very satisfying and successful exploration of how to let go of bondage to world situations, the workplace, toxic family relationships and other, similar environments and situations, resulting in joyful, peaceful, deeper and more meaningful relationships with ourselves, family, friends and All That Is.

After completing this course you will understand

  • How all of Life fits in together, and your part in it.
  • How to access your ‘gut feel’ and your ‘intuition’ in all situations.
  • How to connect with your own internal Wisdom to take charge of your own life.
  • The construction of Life, specifically, the meaning of ‘inner planes’ and ‘external planes’ of existence.
  • Where and why things happen in the ways that they do, and how to both manage these as well as how to manage yourself therein, and
  • Know how to either side-step situations or to deal with them in a win-win situation.
  • 3 two-hour lessons on introduction of consciousness, energies, spiritual law and their role and application to everyday Life
  • Practical exercises and tips to personal Life situations and
  • A beginner’s understanding on how to meditate and visualize, to create more substantial, easy and prosperous lives for yourself and those that you love.

Available as either three seminars, half-day or full-day.


Day One – Two or Three Hours

Introduction to Deeper Aspects of Life

  • The Cycle of Life.
    • A look at internal and external planes of existence. What are these, how do they apply spiritually/practically? How do we interweave them seamlessly into enhancing our everyday life, with family, at work and at play?
    • What is ‘Guidance’? ‘Gut feel’? And ‘Intuition’? Specifically, how would we use these in order to first know and then confirm our choices?
    • What is Response-Ability? Creation? Re-Creation? On energetic, spiritual and practical levels.
  • An introduction to ‘Choice’ and its deliberate application.
  • The role of fear.
    • What is the Universal Law of ‘Mirror Principle of Life’ and how we would apply it to best effect.
  • Q&A on specific case studies so everyone can relate
  • Finishing with guided meditation. 

Day Two – Two or Three Hours

An Understanding of Spirit, Soul and Personality

*      What is the difference between ‘God’ and ‘Spirit’?

*      Where does God start (and end) in a non-religious context?

*      Journey of the Soul and the difference between ‘Being’ and ‘doing’.

*      What are ‘Spiritual Energies’, how to recognise them and how to use them to effect change.

*      Introduction of boundaries and their use on spiritual/human levels.

*      The real meaning of relationships.

*      What really matters – and what does not.

*      The Spiritual Law of Perspective.

*      Taking ‘Choice’ to a deeper level.

*      Practical application.

*      Q&A Case studies and useful scripts for challenging situations.

*      Finishing with guided meditation.

Day Three – Two or Three Hours

Symbolic Meaning of Life

*      Conscious interpretation of energy.

*      Introduction to what Life could ‘really’ mean to anyone – when we know how to see differently.

*      Understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect, otherwise known as ‘Karma’ – and how sidestep it.

*      Interconnection of Life, the true nature of Unity consciousness and its effect on you, your life and environment.

*      Cellular structure of Life and energy flows.

*      Symbolic meaning of illness and initial understandings of how to clear this within ourselves/loved ones.

*      Everything is conscious and all that is - basic healing techniques.

*      Q&A Case studies and practical tips for specific situations

*      Finishing with guided meditation.