Personal Programs with Anna

Anna is known for the accuracy of her intuitive readings, using these with great humor to mentor individuals and inspire each to heal through growth responsibly, quickly and often permanently. Typical consults start with her intuitively scanning the body for energy blockages, assisting each to come to the clarity of their own truth and inner wisdom. Her skill at strategising different context in complex situations leads each to speedily resolve conflict within themselves and with others, whether it is about personal situations, family, social and business relationships and/or business situations, and move beyond fear and self-limitation to make new, often more-dynamic choices.

Some example questions asked during check-in consults

• Who am I and what is my life purpose?

• I would like to manage my feelings of stress in making all the ‘right’ decisions?

• I have [x] disease/chronic/acute pain. How can I heal it?

• My marriage/job is on the rocks and I’d like to work towards healing/enhancing/growing it.

• My son/daughter seems lost, how can I assist them find their way again?

• I would like to know my life path/journey/that my company for the next [x] years

Read more here about how you can use energy to resolve any kind of conflict in your life, ranging from marital, legal, business and other disputes.

She is particularly skilled at helping you write your life and business strategy to align directly with your karmic contract and spiritual journey to ensure success in all that you do.