Transcending Interpersonal Conflict, Painful Emotions and Grief.

Whilst one session will give you deep insights, clarity and tools to move forward with wisdom, love and fortitude, life is a progression of many often-complex situations and many people feel the need for on-going support.

An ongoing relationship is essential to ensure that you move through life easily, simply, safely and well, so that you can focus on what is really important to you – living the moment in enjoyment, peace and security with your family, your work and anything you are undertaking within your community. You can relax knowing that your back is covered and you are in charge in the best of ways.

Anna Hughes has over 35 years experience in working in the corporate world, giving insights through intuitive readings and working with energy to create strategic models of change and empowerment tailored to yourself and everything around you.

Contact her now to discuss your situation and learn more about what you can do to resolve it. You will gain personal confirmation, peace of mind and confidence to move forward whether you find yourself caught in seemingly impossible and unmoveable situations of any kind, need support to make life-or-job-changing, career-moving decisions or are about to invest into anything substantial or need healing or rebalancing of any sort. By doing so, you will see how, by simple understanding of energy and how it works, and by using simple techniques you will unravel complex situations into simple matrices to be easily dealt with, resulting in you being more able to step forward, directly, effectively and without fear.

Attaining emotional health and your ongoing balance.
· Conflict resolution in your work, relationships and communities to living together in peaceful cooperation.
· Defining, achieving and communicating your personal and spiritual identity.
· Healing from chronic pain and dis-ease into your ongoing wellness.
· Life Matters - Changing your life to one that works for you.
· Rebalancing power – in your favour.
· Recovery from Corporate Burnout – energetic support and advisory to live the good life.
· Relationship management - growing your difficulties in any sort of relationship into mutual conscious awareness, love and cooperation.
· Restoring balance between work and family life, particularly if you’re a high-achiever.
· Women specific – Reconciliation of you with your gender in terms of roles and identity. Are you career-woman? Mother? Wife? Daughter? How to define and integrate all to achieve personal harmony and fulfilment in current global culture.
· Women’s Wellness Programmes are also available for child-bearing, child-rearing, menopause and mystical woman work.

Committed students are invited to join Anna to study master-level advanced energy and consciousness work.

Please contact me to learn more about what you can do for yourself in any situation.