Listen to your own heartbeat

Listen to your own heartbeat




Listen to the Heartbeat of the Soul – This is a two-hour, half-day or full-day meditation intensive that offers a  series of guided meditations and creative visualisations, either as a follow-up to this course, or as personal practice in group situation. It can be either focused on a particular subject, for instance, self-love, gratitude, infinite compassion, or general.

All who seek to embrace self-mastery through the discipline and practice of going within to seek their own silence. Herein lies clarity of answers to life questions, to be in a position of spiritual power in terms of proactively receiving and deliberately responding to life situations, rather than to be regularly caught in a reactive cycle.

All who wish to know through experience Life energies, including deeper connection with nature through Anna’s “Five Element” and “Living Earth” and “Living Being” Series of meditations.

Anna Hughes teaches different meditation skills and techniques for individuals to take forward and practice on their own, including right use of the breath, healing and the expansion of perspective through soul-to-soul conversations.

After completing this course you will know how to:

  • Sit quietly, in your own silence.
  • Distinguish between different energies, their life force and frequencies, colours as energy and Life and nature elementals.
  • Breathe properly, including use of the breath as a tool to clarify and balance mental, emotional and physical bodies
  • Clear, heal – or let go of - difficult situations and relationships
  • Connect with your own internal Wisdom and Guidance to answer questions, make decisions and take charge of your own life.
  • 1 two-hour, half-day or full-day lesson introducing spiritual energy, states and levels of consciousness, space and your inner landscape.
  • A beginner’s understanding on how to meditate, visualize and use telepathy, set clear energetic boundaries and protect yourselves energetically.
  • Practical exercises and tips on achieving different inner states such as peace, compassion, understanding and clarity.
  • Setting and holding clear intent for life purpose and objectives.
  • Recordings of all meditations and visualisations taught.

Two Hours, half-day or full day.

Meditation is an ancient practice of drawing our energy inwards, into our inner Self. Regular practice enables us to close the shutters of the external world, and focus on what is really important - our inner world.

Our time together is devoted to:

  • Learning best practice to going within, to explore your own inner landscape. Or to do nothing, just to sit, and be. And allow. It is in the way that we may be the Observer of our lives which, once defined – and therefore created, by us, simply ‘is’.
  • Reconnect with your own energy of unconditional love, in all its aspects. This includes: compassion, self-love, dignity, serenity, inner strength, nurture, harmony, nature and wisdom, amongst many others.
  • Redefine through experience your own material world, to know through expanded perception that there is more to life that you are currently able to perceive.
  • Place your finger on the pulse of what really matters, rather than what does not, in terms of your life purpose, journey and day-to-day living.
  • Renew your relationship with yourself, feel more open and free …. to play more, share more, laugh more and have more fun, in the spirit of what-is, rather than what might-have-been and what-was-not.
  • Live more in present moment, think-plan-juggle-less, and be more at peace with it all, all that is. And just let it flow.

When you are so connected, you are more centred,in this balance you are more able to live your life in the peace of self-mastery. The result is more joy.