Women & The Feminine Principle

Women & The Feminine Principle

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Embrace Feminine Strength

A Weekend for Women, to Reclaim Your Feminine Power

All women, everywhere. Specifically, all women who might wish to explore deeper and seek beyond traditional belief systems of what constitutes ‘femaleness’, what does it mean to be a women, today, what is feminine power, where within do we find it and how do we embrace this within ourselves. You will also learn what is feminine intuition, how does it relate with all that is, and why, how to connect with this, how to listen to it and especially how to use it as a tool to enhance your life. “Femaleness” and “feminine power” means many things to many people. You will learn what it is and how it feels to be an empowered woman. This mean, specifically, one who holds and is within her own power.  Do you truly wish to express yourself, or would you prefer to stay in a box- one that is defined by other people? In the context of this exploration you will look at who you are from the inside out, both in terms of your inner self, as well as your outer selves (physical and emotional bodies). Questions that you will answer include: Who are you, are you happy with yourself, how do you feel about how you look, how do you nurture and allow yourself to be nurtured, do you want to make any/some changes in your life, and if so, what, how? And, when do you relate with yourself and everyone/everything around you, is this done in your own power? Or might you give it away? Knowledge and application of the simple concepts taught by Anna Hughes enables you not only to embrace yourself in every way, it means you will be able to shine the light of your inner beauty - onto our world. And then you give other women permission to do the same. Very powerful. This seminar is written for every woman who has questions about their personal feminine power beyond the cosmetic world. These questions might include: who you ‘really’ are, what is the truth about the different aspects of womanhood, beauty, true power. How too might you might relate with yourself beyond current everyday images imposed by mass consciousness onto what is balance in the true reality of Life.

Given in everyday language, spiritual teacher Anna Hughes skillfully uses simple words to explain advanced concepts; and teaches meditation/visualisation techniques to assist each woman to experience within herself the unexplainable. You will relate with real-life situations in offices, schools and colleges, with both family and friends, in different contexts, and will take into account every woman’s complex emotional makeup and inter-generational memories, how your hormonal balance and biological clock might affect this, how to be your own woman in the face of other people’s expectations and your very real need to be seen, heard and nurtured. After completing this course you will understand

  • Where the balance of power in every family really lies.
  • How to take the fear out of your life by the instant ability to access and use your ‘intuition’ in all situations.
  • How to connect with your own internal Wisdom to take charge of your own life, how to provide guidance/assistance for your family and friends – and where to draw the line.
  • The construction of Life, specifically, the meaning of ‘inner planes’ and ‘external planes’ of existence, and where you fit in.
  • Where and why things happen in the ways that they do, and how to both manage these as well as how to manage yourself therein. Or,
  • Learn how to either side-step potentially tricky situations.
  • 12 hours of instruction, split into two six-hour days. You will be introduced to female wisdom, energies and their make-up, construction, structure of life, body consciousness and wisdom, learn how to map and navigate your own inner landscape, most importantly you will learn and the role of all of the above in relationship with and application to everyday Life
  • Practical exercises and tips for personal Life situations and
  • A beginner’s understanding on energetic tools and how to use these to either clean energy, clear/raise consciousness and create empowered lives for yourself as well as
  • A beginner’s understanding on meditate and visualization techniques, to create more substantial, easy and prosperous and empowered lives for yourself and those that you love.

As always, the needs and intents of the group, both stated and unstated, will determine final outcome of what Anna teaches. At all times, the individual herself will decide whether she will openly share, or stay private with her information. Both approaches work equally well.

Day One – Six Hours

Understanding and Healing

The first day is dedicated to healing, or at the very least, understanding and letting go. Here is opportunity to acknowledge and voice (either to yourselves privately or to the gathering publically) your personal understanding of yourself, who you really are and what this might mean - to you, personally. You will look at

  • Belief systems about women, and therefore yourself, and see beyond what you have been told by other people. How might other people’s stories/expectations have impacted you and your health as a woman, how might you feel about these/yourself in the light of these, and in turn how might your own stories and expectations have impacted you – and through you to your families, expressedly your daughter/s.
  • What is inner guidance, how to access your own wisdom, and how to check messages for authenticity and accuracy in the light of any (ingrained) expectations. The difference between thinking, feeling and sensing. At the same time, you will learn how to clarify your thoughts and your relationship to them, and how to strengthen and manage your emotions, particularly in terms of any residual (painful) memories.
  • Your relationship with yourself and each other, see where you might have unfinished business, any relationships, memories or thoughts to let go of and finally heal. Perhaps some guilt and forgiveness too.
  • Your relationships with your mothers and other female family members or external role models, see how this might have shaped your perspectives, and for you to examine whether it might now be time to let them go, forever. Healing the inter-generational tree.
  • Basic concepts of how the body is a consciousness, and thoughts and emotions, when embodied and not released appropriately, become pathology. Not only can they cause physical pain (such as menstrual cramps and lengthy labour), they can also impact the metabolic functioning of your body at specific times of the month, for instance, full moon, and how to manage these often recurring situations.
  • Identifying self-fulfilling prophesies, perhaps also self-destructive behavior, and deciding what to do about them.

Day Two – Six Hours

Reclaiming and Embracing Your Feminine Power

The second day is about conscious awareness and understanding the creative process. It is therefore about empowerment – specifically, your own. Having just explored yourself and either redefined or accepted yourself more fully the previous day, you will look at

  • Different aspects and definitions of feminine strength, specifically resonant female archetypes, how you might relate with these and how you might use these more deliberately to achieve a more fulfilled life.
  • Definitions and aspects of Love – it’s more powerful than you realise to know what these are, to be able to call upon them intentionally to achieve specific objectives. How might your heart be more open towards these, how you might therefore in turn be able to open other hearts, and how you might be more able to share your love, and therefore your life, unconditionally.
  • Understanding and redefinition of spiritual contracts.
  • Role and application of boundaries and the truth about response, reaction and responsibility.
  • What is the role of fear, how ‘should’ can become ‘could’, what might ‘I Am’ might mean, finally, and what to do about it, to move beyond it in terms of your own, true, empowerment?
  • What are your primary commitments, and do these include yourself? Are these real, or imaginary? How can you fulfill all obligations and yet still have a life more full, more full-filled and for your own peace – and therefore joy - to flow, most, if not all of the time?
  • What is the true meaning of beauty - starting from within?
  • What is the structure of your life, does it need redefining and if so how? How you are going to live it – on your own terms and in relationship with all that is?
  • What is “natural cycle”, and how you can manipulate time.
  • Time permitting, Anna will also teach basic healing and relaxation techniques.