Adaption of Ancient Shamanic Practice

Adaption of Ancient Shamanic Practice

Seeing into the Unseen, Find Truth in Matter and Emphasise What Really Matters

Everyone who might have questions about why things happen the way they do, what might happen, what to do, what to do about ‘it’ and how to avoid ‘it’, if necessary. Anyone who might wish a clear view of the future, or relationships, how to clear them, how to heal them and more importantly, how to move forward within these, in joy.

This introduction is written for everyone who wishes to know about the truth of their personal power and how to use energy to enhance it – in love, specifically.

Given in everyday language, spiritual teacher Anna Hughes skillfully uses simple words to explain advanced ideas;helps you develop your spiritual muscle and teaches meditation/visualisation techniques to assist you to experience different, more unseen dimensions of Being.

After completing this course you will understand

  • How by being more conscious about what we think and feel, we can direct our energy more towards creating lives of joy and comfort, on all levels.
  • How to access your ‘gut feel’ and your ‘intuition’ in all situations, specifically to confirm decisions and to answer questions.
  • How to connect with your own internal Wisdom to take charge of your own life.
  • The construction of Life, specifically, the meaning of ‘inner planes’ and ‘external planes’ of existence.
  • Heal relationships.
  • How to protect yourself energetically from outside influences.

Clear Karma, otherwise known as ‘finishing old business’.

  • 1 half-day or 1 three-hour lesson on introduction of consciousness and right use of spiritual energy.
  • Practical exercises and tools to use in personal and business Life situations and

Half Day or 3 Hours

  • The Cycle of Life and the meaning of “Being”.
    • What defines “Spirit”, “spiritual energies”, personality, consciousness, darkness and light.
    • The meaning of ‘Guidance’, ‘Gut feel’ and ‘Intuition’ How to call upon these for our own assistance and confirmation.
  • The role of fear and its true role as a motivating factor.
    • What is “Karma” and how to clean it, including karmic relationships.
    • What are shamanic animals, our relationship with these and their value to us.
    • Learn how to work with different Earth energies to achieve specific objectives, either in healing or in creating worthy situations, new experiences – and joy.
    • Experience the different motivational energies, and learn how to recall them when needed, at a moment’s notice.