Meditation. Simple Reconnection to Your Inner Peace. 15 mins.

Meditation, beginner level. Follow Anna’s voice every time you need a bit of a helping hand to bring you back into the centre of your own peace – your spiritual heart.

Everything is energy, it’s all about awareness. And sometimes, irrespective of how objective you stay, or how energetically protected you keep yourself, you get trapped into a continuous cycle of other people’s ‘stuff’. Feel how your worries and cares just melt away as you utilise your breath and inner eye to uplift your energy field to connect with your own always- present I AM energy. Make a note of how you felt before you started, and how you feel afterwards. With practice these higher energies will become more permanent within you.

Here’s an old chestnut of a practice that has helped thousands of people over the years. Recorded on 12.12.12, it harnesses the immense power of the universe as aligned at that special time.

Please do it a couple or three times to really build momentum. And ….  let me know how you get on – always interested!