Life Strategy. Managing New Moon, Full Moon and Moon Eclipse Energy.

Luckily, the worst is now behind you…..

We’ve now had another full moon eclipse and this months’ new moon 141008 Full Moonwill be an eclipse too. To read more about the relationship of your relationship with the moon please click here.

You will always feel squeezed by the moon energies and whilst a lot of people have a lot of things to say about how to deal with them, the fact is that all of these don’t work otherwise you’d all be doing them right now quite naturally as a part of your practice in the same way that when it gets cold ….. you put on a sweater.

In effect, nothing designed to take you out of the moment ever works, it only alleviates the symptoms which are then stored somewhere in the energy body, only to arise in the physical body when your energy is low and your ability to screw them down is compromised.

You see, you have to be in the moment to fully embrace each one you’re alive. Nothing you do or try to do can ever sidestep your contract with Spirit – your spiritual essence – to be fully present.

In Life, I see almost everyone always seeking to do things, all the time. Often people do this to try to take themselves out of feeling how they feel.  Few though, are will to just ‘be’, be in the moment and watch it, feel it, until that moment passes. This is the first point of contact with any experience of that which you are called by Spirit to particiapte in. As you are awareness itself, the next moment will arise from this and you will simply watch this too. Then the next. And so on. And as each moment arises and expands into the next, you will find within you too an expanded understanding inside of which the energy itself diffuses quite naturally.

From this, your own natural space, that is, inner space, and when your awareness is fully anchored there once again, you will quite naturally start to breathe in a different way. It is within this natural breath then, that you are able to more easily connect with the frequency of very strong energies – that of your emotions, stirred.

Within this your own space, too, your natural energy of unconditional love will arise, all by itself, quite simply because you are now harmonic with each other. Some might call it your spiritual energy. It is who you be in your core and when your attention is returned here, you become One with the energy of the full or new moon eclipse. And because you have become this energy, ie, you are the same frequency, it no longer has any effect on you.

Easy, elegant and full of grace. And exactly how Life is intended to be.

Please share your experiences with me on this website, always love to hear and give insights on them. As you share, you give confidence to others to share their experiences too!



Life Strategy. Another Full Moon Eclipse This Year!


Holding Space in the Light of the Moon

Another full moon lunar eclipse, more subtle than the one in April, but strong energy nevertheless! Old stuff coming up, of course, best is just to sit in it and just allow yourself to be without needing to do much of anything at all. If you have to make any decisions, best is to hold your space, just observe how the energy settles. There’s never a real rush. Life is still shifting so whatever you decide during these few days is likely to change as new things are unveiled.

Moonbathing Your Crystals & Gemstones

With the eclipse intensifying tonight’s full moon energetic strength, it’s also a great time to place your crystals, gems, rocks and minerals within this light, to cleanse and to purify. Place a jug of water in the moonlight too, and drink it in the morning – lovely, gentle, nourishing energy being taken into the body, with love. Anna x

Understanding Death. Death Comes as the End? Or Is It All in the Eye Of The Observer? Part 2b – Voula

Giraffe KissSince Voula died, I’ve had several experiences of connecting with her, the first being later the night of Profile’s publication when, sitting reading the first of your responses, I suddenly smelled Joy perfume which was what she and Effie were going to buy for me as a late birthday present. The next day, she sat on my left during her funeral. “Missus, are all these people here for me?” she asked, using our pet name. “Yes, I replied, turning to look at her. “Ohhhh,” she said, and listened to the service with a different ear. In that space, there was for me nothing to grieve and no tears. I feel her presence now from a different part of my being, which to me means that she’s more fully integrated into Spirit.

It’s natural to connect with family, friends and others who have passed, either spontaneously or deliberately through meditation. They’ve just left their physical body, that’s all, and often come to us with messages, except many of us are afraid to be open during these times. These ones in Spirit often can’t cross over totally until they are at peace and therefore complete, equally many won’t leave totally because of the level of grief that some hold for them. They have to be free to go, because the journey – of Life over life – never ends. Anyway, eventually, inevitably we will all join them which is not being morbid, it is being factual.

Many readers also shared their own experiences of loved ones making contact from the other side of the veil. “I’m not crazy,” one of you asserted. Of course you are not, there is so much more to Life than meets the eye. We have to be able to see beyond the material into the immaterial – the spiritual. Spirit is present in many different ways, mostly we have forgotten how to connect, be comfortable with and live in harmony with the invisible side of Life. Our greater life. It is this simple reconnection that I find over and over again people’s hearts yearn for. Once we establish this, stop judging it through our fear and learn how to navigate it, Life changes for everyone, because we become then in conscious touch with our potential which is in brief, our inner being – our own spirit.

Human life is fleeting and fragile, it is important that we are unafraid to look at our own death, plan for it deliberately to be a good one, reflective of a good life. To do this enables us to more able see our life journey in context, live more fully, expressing ourselves in the way that nature intends.

In this context then, I would like to invite you to ponder a few questions. Where are you now, in terms of your emotional body? Is it in balance with other parts of yourself, so you move step by deliberate step to meet this gift of a new future? Do you walk away from something or walk towards something else? How important to you in terms of comfort zone is convention, other people’s approval and your need to be accepted? Remember, the pursuit of normality and our need to be liked is the ultimate sacrific of potential.

Live how you would like to be remembered – we are individually responsible for the imprint we leave on our world. For me this means we go beyond rubbish energy and other people’s emotional bodies, collective and individual memory banks, because seriously these have not worked for anyone, has not worked for our world, for a very long time. Spend time in reflection that everything ultimately is a gift, if not for ourselves, then for others, and celebrate this too, where-ever, however because whatever we embrace remains a part of us, being our own energy. In truth we are already our potential, even though many don’t see this in the same way that many too refuse to reflect on their gifts, and wealth. Success is best measured in terms of acceptance, experience and growth, because whilst money does buy a lot of things, it can’t buy inner peace.

There is a belief that it takes a lot of courage to relate with open hearts and transparency, interesting perspective because this is the most natural part of ourselves – look at new-borns. Might be useful to remember that every single One of us essentially wants the same: connection with each other and all that is, to be heard, valued and supported. To be safe. Fundamental dignity. Really, that’s all – and it all starts within. Let others relate with you how they choose, and you engage, or not, as you will. To achieve this, the emotional body needs to be clear so it doesn’t run off with us like a chicken without a head.

Dream big dreams. Determine and define them. Create infrastructure to bring them through. And share them, however you will, without fear. It’s time.

“Anna,” my Teachers said to me very early one morning as I sat with them in meditation. “It’s time to turn up the light.”

First published in Profile newsletter, December 2012.


Understanding Death. Death Comes as the End? Or Is It All in the Eye Of The Observer? Part 2a – Voula

Voula with elephansContinuing our exploration together on whether death really exists other than in the eye of the observer, I’d like to share my experience with Voula, pictured here at an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka. She was my best friend, colleague, family friend, ‘thea’ (auntie) to my daughter, important to me in many different parts of my life. We met when she came in for healing after being diagnosed with end-stage cancer of the breast, seeking other options to the medical. We found we shared a similar sense of humour, trust, understanding, and worked with great focus on her healing until 6 months before she passed, when I received a signal from Spirit that she was on her way out. My work with her then had to move into closure.

Talking about death, working with someone who is dying is not easy. It was particularly not easy with someone who refused to accept it until the very last minute. I have learned over the years that speaking about death is considered morbid and bad luck in many cultures, most people do not understand it, refuse to discuss it and many are afraid of it. So I had the challenge of walking my friend, who was so not ready to die, through the door of her own death, in a way that did not frighten her and that supported totally however long was left of her life. A fine balance between the spiritual truth that life never ends, death is an illusion – and the practicalities of everyday life.

She finally died in November 2012, nearly eight years after she first came to me for assistance, having been given then only one more year to live. I dreaded this moment because I had always thought my emotional body would tear into shreds. But it didn’t. From the moment I got the phone call that she was finally going, discipline, training and calling came to the fore, and I went into meditation. I wanted to cross over with her onto the other side, as I have done with many other people, to make sure that it was a ‘good death’, karma is minimised and re-entry into this world in the rhythm of divine right order comes at a higher vibration. Before doing this, though, I telephoned several others in our group, they were to do the same thing, we agreed, put emotions aside, go into meditation, create clear space for Voula to transition and in turn be a central support in terms of the wisdom for their own networks.

“You are not to cross over with her,” my Teachers said to me to my chagrin as I sat down. “This is something this one in particular has to do for herself.” In any case, they added, her family already on the other side would be meeting her. So I accompanied her from a distance, well no distance really, we are never separated by time nor space, and watched as she made her movements. First there was a lot of fear, then a moment of silence. Then, profound peace. “Leave her alone for now,” my Teachers told me when two days later, missing my friend, I went within to check on her. “She needs to rest after her transition, to fully integrate into spirit.” Hummph, I thought.

Death is such a beautiful and integral part of life. We are surrounded by death, either little deaths or big deaths, every day, as things change. I am sure that if we all were to see and accept death in different ways than we currently do in a lot of societies, mostly western(ised), we might see life in more extended context, and make different choices. More of us might even see a bigger picture. By walking Voula through her own door, I saw around me how each of us related with her impending death through the filter of our relationship with our own. However we choose to relate with something is how we role model to our children, and I felt lucky that one of the ones I called upon to hold structure for her thea’s rite of passage was my daughter, Gabriella. Nothing wrong with any other way, just a choice on our part in terms of extended responsibility.

It doesn’t mean we don’t grieve. There is no ‘right’ way to do this, just what is right for each. For me, the inside of grief comes in waves, followed by waves of clarity and silence. I let go, in the moment and wait for the next moment to come, totally present in whatever comes through. I need clear inner space to support those who step forward now either for a teaching on the death process so different to their current beliefs, ask questions, re-orientate themselves, find their own inner strength in this period, or to rebalance. Knowledge applied is wisdom, and wisdom when owned is our own inner strength. In this way, the emotional body remains intact, is not destroyed by grief for something that in a greater reality, does not exist.

Many religions teach of life after death. Many spiritual traditions, which are quite different from religions by the way, teach the possibility of contact with those who might have already left the physical body, and who come to us whenever we call them. For me, it is important not just to call them when we are in need, it is more important to call them to us to share times of joy and celebration.

How do we do this? We go into our own silence, either in reflection, or in meditation. And we feel their energy. This is the simplest way of connection, after which we can have a conversation with them. The most potent of these conversations are done via images, as spirit speaks in symbols, which our minds interpret depending on which space we are in and our level of spiritual evolution It’s not unusual though to communicate via words too. They are always around us, either as the breeze on our cheek, in the sunlight on water, or as the line on the horizon. We only just have to feel their energy.

Before she died, I prioritised going through her achievements with her, so that she recognised just how many these were. And they were a lot. She left a massive legacy, not just of her photography, but of her friendship, her love, laughter and wisdom, for very many people, in many ways. At times, she was not an easy person to get along with, but this too was a part of the strengthening for many. When she passed, I knew she was complete, and that was enough for me.

In this context then, I would like invite you to ponder a few questions. In your life, not only are you doing everything you wish, more importantly, do you see what you have already achieved? Or do you see that there is still much left undone? Would yours be the same answer if you knew you had only six months left, and why? In truth no-one knows how long we have left of our lives, most people don’t want to think about it, or think it will take care of itself. Because of this, most die unprepared, or live their lives burdened. Mastery of life includes mastery of death, not just that of others, of our own.

When we are in this space, our bodies, which are really the material aspect of (our) consciousness, a perceived individuation of the oneness of All That Is, would not have to be sick, ill or otherwise diseased in order to get our attention. We would all know ourselves differently, more joyfully and in a lighter way, and life would be so much richer for the simple reason that we will have reconnected with our inner self. This is what I have experienced over the years – it is what everyone seeks but most don’t know where to look.

In doing this, many of us find essentially that we need nothing at all. Just a deep and profound connection with the moment, specifically with the love of the moment. Life then flows quite differently for us, different needs and roads to fulfilment, mostly immaterial, and they will have come home to themselves in quite different ways to previous. External noise dies down, and in the ensuing silence, in our own clarity, we find finally that we can see forever.

First published in Profile in November 2012.

Death Comes as the End? Or Is It All in the Eye Of The Observer? Part 1 – My Father


A major theme for many of your exploration this year have been about death, grieving, and therefore ultimately about Life too. Your life.

Here I’m sharing once again writings I did at the time of my father’s passing, later I will also write about those of of my good friends Voula, Kaiti, who I also walked through the door, and Andreas, Kaiti’s husband, to show that death is not the end of Life, it’s just the beginning of another, grand adventure. Depends on how you view it, really.

I’m sure you have similar stories, please feel free to share because so many people are so afraid of death that it colours their lives and way of living.

My Father’s Passing

My father passed away in 2003. Looking back now, the whole situation of his passing was so synchronistic, of which I was aware even as at the time there was just so much going on around us.

He’d had some ear problems for some months, and eventually was diagnosed with advanced cancer of the throat area. He accepted that there was nothing for it but to remove the entire voicebox and surrounding area. Prognosis was poor, and whether he survived the operation or not, he would be debilitated pretty much for the rest of his life. In any case he would lose his beautiful voice with the Welsh lilt that in his younger days had taken him to many an eisteddford, or music festival, in his native land.

As a healer I work a lot with death, either with clients who themselves are facing the prospect of going through that door sooner rather than later, or with their family members who have either passed through or are in process of so doing. Everybody dies, sometime. “We don’t know why you’re all so afraid of dying,” The Nazareine said once, helpfully. “You’ve all died hundreds of times in your various lives and some of you have become very good at it. In fact, some of you are even now in lives of living death, so afraid of you all about everything. Perhaps consider taking the energy you are all expending on fearing death, and use this positively to create lives of living joy, instead?”

When I received my father’s news, I flew back to the UK straight away to await his transition with both parents, however it would be, as the daughter of the house rather than as a healer. My Guidance did not show me the results of the operation, which meant to me that I had to live each moment totally, without projecting my own agenda. That time with my father gave us the opportunity to heal together at all levels, and it was me to whom he turned over his affairs as it would be me who would be managing for my mother his estate should he not survive the operation.

As always when I’m in a healing situation with people with whom I have an emotional connection, such as family and very close friends, I ask a trusted colleague to ‘hold the energies’ with me. This means we work together – they are able to look with me into any energetic grid, without any emotional attachment and needs, to verify what I see and therefore objective way forward. Then, I know that I am in full integrity with my work, at all times. This is very very important to me.

For this time I emailed a very few select friends, asking them to help me hold the energies, without the need to see, and therefore to know, outcome. Just to help me hold the love, for whatever his decision would be, I asked. I live the concept, you see, that nothing ever happens by chance. We decide everything at some level, especially and including the time and manner of our births – and deaths – because the entry and exit of every single soul has huge impact upon the energetic grid of our planet (and beyond). Owning this is an aspect of the full response-ability that I live and teach. It is a part of the journey of the Soul.

I took with me Sogyal Rimpoche’s, ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’, which despite its name is in fact cross-religion and a great source of sacred inspiration in terms of dying well. I found it to be both simple and complex and full of love and compassion, as said by one of its reviewers. It helped me a lot as my father survived his operation by only 36 hours and basically never woke up. I felt I needed to be fully present and centred within myself, partly to manage his affairs, mostly to help my mother, and so used it as a manual, following the teachings and meditations at the prescribed times. My mother is a practising Buddhist, and it was a source of strength for us two women as we went about the business of dying.

The day he passed, I woke up at 3 am, with every single energy centre in the body spinning like crazy. I was burning hot too. I knew then that he had gone, so the next day at the hospital having to make the decision to switch off all the machines was for me an academic exercise.

I held the energies for my daddy then as his body shut down, systematically, and he died clinically, and I held the energies within me for my mother and brother too, to facilitate their own passage through this part of their lives. I deliberately followed the different meditations within The Book of Living and Dying in terms of what to do, why and when, throughout the next two-week period and beyond, until I was able to manage on my own.

Whilst in meditation during the first few days after his death, I found myself in what I can only describe as space, although words here are so inadequate. I felt as if I was pure essence, or a spark of Life, with the spark of Life that had been my father ‘next’ to me. It seemed like we were moving, until I reached a place from which I could not ‘proceed’, as I am still in body, and so he journeyed on without me. It seemed like a leave-taking, and yet not at all. Can’t explain this, really, because it was so beyond the five senses.

Exactly a week after his death, I found myself back on the highway to the town of the hospital where he died, needing to rectify a mistake in the death certificate with that town’s Registrar. It hadn’t been planned and I knew it was symbolic, remembering a specific meditation that needed to be done to the exact hour and minute, seven days after a death, in exactly the same venue. So I went back to the hospital, and sat in the Chapel, which was nearest to the venue of his departure (I though it might be stretching it a bit to ask to go back to the Intensive Care Unit to do my work).

Then, I felt a sense to go downstairs to the hospital’s reception area and repeat the process. Immediately I felt a gigantic whoosh of energy and a huge release through the roof. There was a real sense of joy and celebration in the air. When I got home to my mother I hold her about this. “Well, everyone knows that hospitals are called hotels for the dead,” she said without batting an eyelid. You’ve probably released a load of earth-bound spirits.” There you go, in my family you want to show off about something, and they treat it as pretty much matter, of fact. Excellent situation though for reaching beyond ourselves to more magnificent things, I keep telling myself.

I had a bit of a discussion as well with the Coroner about the necessary post-mortem. Paperwork, really. They wouldn’t give me a date for releasing the body so we could organize the funeral. “Look,” I lied without guilt. “It’s okay. We don’t need to know the cause of death. It’s just fine for us. My family’s Buddhist. If he died, it’s exactly the perfect time for him and most perfect thing for him to do. We are in full acceptance.” Just hand over the body, please, I wanted to say, forget about legalities. For what reason should there be bureaucracy over why he died? I smile when I remember this conversation now.

Eventually we took my father back home to Wales, for burial with his family there. We stayed in a country house hotel that at the turn of the 20th century had been house of the manager of I think the local quarry. They were known as ‘the posh’. My great-grandfather had been master mason there when my father was growing up. I had stayed there with Daddy when my son Alexander was 3, during a rare visit home to Cardigan for him. My father never got over the fact that he was staying at the ‘posh house’.

After the funeral service, I walked in the extensive grounds with my son Alexander to try to find a ‘secret garden’ that the three of us had discovered by chance during our earlier visit. It was dusk and we never found it again, which proves to me that we can never recreate the past. I missed my father so much in that moment and had wanted to connect with him in any way.

There was a moment during that walk together that for me time stood still. You read about it, and it happened for me. Time stood still, and suddenly I saw my father. I saw him in the clouds, in the grass, in the trees and in the bushes. Not only that, he was the clouds, the grass, the trees and the bushes. It was so profound. He was everywhere, and everything too at the same time, then. It was wonderful, and very comforting for me.

Since then, I feel my father around me a lot. He is most often with me when I’m tired and sitting on the edge of my bed, preparing to sleep. Once, about 2 months ago, I felt him next to me when I walked the dogs. I felt he was almost solid next to me with his old walking stick, it was only that I couldn’t see him with my physical eye.

I know in my work that every time we call to someone, internally, they come to us. To me it’s important for us to grieve healthily, so that no soul fragments are left on this plane of existence and everyone, the departed especially, can move on easily to other ways and places of being; specifically, onto new Life. I feel my father with me often, and I know that whenever I miss him, I can communicate with him in many different ways: meditation and telepathy, being but two. This makes it easier for me than perhaps how it could have been.

I share these stories a lot with my friends and clients, because these have helped me come to terms with his passing and the potential of my mother’s, albeit current she is still very strong and vibrant at 77 years young. Even though I know in my heart that there is no such thing as death, on a human level I grieve and experience loss too. Of course I do.

I wish for you too this freedom, and this joy, in your own journey through your lives with your loved ones.

Part 2 (coming soon) – Kaiti.

If you’re grieving and need a bit of help for closure, please do this meditation – it’s helped a lot of people and I know it’ll help you too. 15 minutes for a bit of peace.

Please share with me your experiences as you go through this practice. Who came to you? Who came with them? What realisations did you come to that assisted you to release?

Life Strategy. On Balance & Bringing Change With Love (Voice)

Everyone is different in how we respond to things. The one thing I’ve noticed in all my audiences, though, is the desire to do something, in some way (big or small, publicly or invisibly) to returns us all to the higher consciousness of peace, done with love. Here is a meditation for you to start your process. The website has more.

Please listen here and let me know afterwards how you feel about creating change in your own way.

Life Strategy. On Balance & Bringing Change With Love (text).

140324 Stay True to Yourself - CopyThank you for your lovely responses to the last Inspiration, asking for your three things to do for yourself! These broadly fell into three main themes: spending time with yourself, being in nature and clearing stuff out of your homes.

How did you feel, writing these? I know that your tendency is to give so much to others, and it must be a lovely feeling to give something back to yourself too! I had a lovely time fulfilling mine and have continued the momentum with daily gifts, all the more valued because they are subtle and cannot be bought. By fulfilling yourself daily in small ways you will more easily stay in your own peace, contentment and associated clarity, and thus can more easily pass these on.

Staying in your own space is increasingly important as we watch energy of conflict, violence and disease intensify around our world. It can be easy to get emotional about things that we read about and indeed emotions are gifts intended to colour the precious experience of life. Be aware, though, of how different belief systems can be divisive and you can play into the hands of the shadow in the philosophy of  ‘divide and rule’.

There is no such thing as a true story and we are all heroes of our own choices.

In this age of technology and mass social communication, it has become very easy to present good and bad guys, triumphs of good over evil, positive over negative and we cheer these on depending on our social conditioning and the perspective we are given at any time. Please remember though that everything in life has a purpose, every soul has a destiny that is being fulfilled in a picture far, far greater than we can see whilst we are in form. In human terms of course it is terrible to see such suffering and much more goes on than we are shown, or we skip these stories as being too painful (or boring) to read about. Compassion overload can be real and out of sight is out of mind.

Each one to their own, of course, and nobody’s here here to save the world. Neither good, bad, right, wrong, positive nor negative exist in absolute terms – if you go beyond the material it is all about different aspects of light and dark, and frequency of energy being fed by either disciplined or undisciplined, inexperienced or wise minds. Irrespective of all of this, if you feel that you’d like to respond to what’s happening around and don’t know how, then the best way is to stay neutral, because in this clarity, you will hear your own call to action, subtle or other, wise, and it will be perfect for you.

The simplest way to do this is to change energy within yourself. Within this clear inner space, if you are not afraid to touch your own silence and you hold it strong, and if appropriate to the spirit of whatever experience is happening at global level – you are facilitating our world to do the same. In effect, peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment are just parts of your own Silence and will not happen unless you are willing to touch this, and be in it. This month’s meditation is on Creating Peace Within and Around You is for this purpose. Please just follow my voice. Click here to listen >> http://ultimatewoman.org/this-months-meditation/

For those of you called to more purposeful action, I’m working very closely with you in terms of deliberate strategic approach and watching your back with you as you implement this. Your invincibility is in your ability to stay invisible, you do not need accolades nor recognition so the ego is engaged much, much less than those who require to be stars of their own dramas. In this way, change is gentle, gradual, done with and in love, and consequently is the most powerful for our world.

Life is precious, use yours to make a difference. The time is now.

As always, yours in service and love.

Anna xxx

Gathering. A Woman’s Heart – Call of The Wise Woman. Working Direct with Soul to Bring Heartfelt Change.

Anna Hughes speaks on the progression of women’s gatherings around the world over the years, with soul purpose transitioning from “I want to be myself but I am afraid of the consequences”, an exploration primarily of women’s spiritual (inner) identity through to “I am afraid to love because in the past whenever I have loved, given myself wholly I have been hurt”, further through various other calls of the soul until, finally, this one that she will teach in September in Melbourne, Australia:

“I have come to create a different balance, to reflect the in-breath and out-breath of the universe. To come to peace and harmony within and in knowing myself, I create change.”

This gathering is  about bringing change through the energy of Love, the only way to bring any sort of permanent change. Using spiritual energy, it’s about reclaiming your inner space and using this to redefine your purpose.

Anna gives simple guides on connecting with your heart, use your intuition – the voice of your soul – and put yourself, your Spirit in the driving seat of your life.

“I’ve read the soul blueprint and I’ll work with you to bring it through. The relative precision work is up to you. What do you need? I always deliver,” she says.

Please email Anna on anna@ultimatewoman.org if you have any insights or questions on this very valid and beautiful work – that service women’s souls, through their hearts.

For full details on A Woman’s Heart – Call of The Wise Woman, please go to our Events Page or click here.



Meditation. Connect With Your Higher Guidance

Meditation, beginner level. It’s always easier to step forward in life knowing that your choices are confirmed. Here is a simple and short meditation for beginners to connect with your own higher guidance, once you’ve done this then it’s simply practice, practice, practice to become good at hearing your own inner voice.

Follow these easy steps to gain clarity and feel more secure and supported in whatever you’re seeking to experience next. Once you’re practiced at hearing your own inner voice, you can access it at any time and in any situation to gain insights. With renewed confidence you can then more purposefully decide what you’re going to do next about anything, or where you’re going to go.

Meditation. Extend Your Inner View

Meditation, intermediate. Please join me here on a journey into the vastness of your own inner universe, wherein lie all the answers, purpose and direction you could ever ask for.

How did you feel doing this? Afterwards? Did you gain any insights about any life circumstance? These are aspects of visions that Spirit – our spirit – uses speaks to us, a part of the Journey of Our Soul. Please let me know what you experienced and if you have any questions arising from this. Happy to help you come to a peace of your truth.