Life Strategy – Friday 20th March is Triple Whammy New Moon.

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Just in Bangkok for a few days on my way back home to Hong Kong and as always was sorry to say cheerio to good friends on Koh Samui. For those of you who came in during the past month at both Kamalaya and at the Four Seasons there, it was truly a pleasure meeting and working with you. Many of our talks together are already on the websiteand I’ll be writing to you in due course with personalised private links and your personal recordings for your progression. Am back again in May to teach new material in the Living In The Light of Love retreat at Kamalaya, we have a great group coming together and very much looking forward to that.

For you who did the March full moon meditation and sent feedback, thank you. Great to hear your experiences. We did a woman’s circle on the beach that evening and included you all, with so much love. The thing about energy – moon and others – is that you can connect to it at any time, just recall how you felt in it and its symbology and it’ll be there for you whenever you need.

We’re now nearly at the end of this week and whether you’re into moon energy and the invisible language of Spirit or not, this Friday we’re facing a super-charged new moon so hang onto your hats. It’s also a solar eclipse an­d the day of the equinox when the energy of day and night is balanced so a triple energetic whammy for you to work with.

New moon energy is always about new beginnings, the potential of fresh starts, this month much magnified in terms of believing in yourself and getting on with it. It’s a big energy for you to use in love to dump old baggage, dream new dreams and letting go of stale relationships, all long past their sell-by dates. Or just letting go totally, trusting in Spirit. Multiple layers and applications here to consider. Key is to be very, very clear on what you want and forget about how/what you could/should have been/done in the past. That’s over.

Of course, for this to be a smooth journey you have to want change to happen, see the light at the beginning and end of every journey and also be willing to listen to your own inner voice. It’s always there. If not, that’s okay too, just be ready for a bumpy ride as the energy moves on anyway. Spirit has a habit of holding the reins whether we like it or not, seeing the big picture where we often don’t. Why not live in co-operation and view your own big picture too? That’s what your intuition is designed for. It’s your ‘knowing’. Stress then diminishes and inner space freed up to enjoy life even more.

What to do if you’re afraid of the future? Meditation is a good practice – there are several on the website designed to help you return to your own space, peace and see more of the larger picture of your life and I’ve just loaded one specifically for this new moon energy.   Realising that whether you are afraid, or not, energy moves anyway, so you may as well enjoy the ride. Focusing on what-is rather than what-could-be or what-was is another key. Or, none of the above, taking the view that ‘whatever’ is a great option too and you’ll deal with ‘whatever’ as it filters through.

New Moon Meditation >> Follow here

Wisdom teaching on piggybacking New Moon Energy to bring change. >> Listen here

One of the things about being human is that we always want guarantees, and that’s never possible. The only guarantee is that whenever you’re thrown a curved ball by Spirit you will always be able to deal with it if you stay in your own space (and b.r.e.a.t.h.e to keep it clear) and listen to your (inner) self. Spirit is silent and speaks in symbols, to hear you need to be in your own silence too. And then you will always be given all the tools you need to fulfill a purpose. It’s up to you to use them.

For now, though, in the (invisible) light of this new moon, focus on what makes you feel good, what makes you feel well, what you already have in your life, and grow this. I’m doing the same too.




Above picture by by Joyita Bandyopadhyay in Singapore



Meditation Practice – New Moon is about using the Silence of Spirit to invoke change. And boy! What a change is coming! Hold onto your hats!

New Moon energy is about sitting in the silence of Spirit and knowing that it is your own silence too. And using this silent space to vision new beginnings. Friday, 20th March’s new moon is a supercharged one, a massive energy for you to use in love to move on without old baggage.

The thing about energy is that you can do this any time – Read more here about invoking and piggybacking on this massive energy.

How did you feel when you did this? What visions did you receive? Please email me if you have any questions, love to answer them!


The Nazareine Speaks on bringing Humour Back into Everyday Life and Other Pearls of Wisdom.

We are all beautiful beings of light, and yet we so often focus so hard on Life that we forget to breathe, let alone live! Here, we are reminded of the importance of breathing to retain our connection with the universal flow and stay free energetically. When energy flows, things work better for us, joy is more prevalent and in this light, we are able to have more fun and laughter in our lives.

Please let me know what insights you gained from listening to this, and if you have any questions – I’ll answer them here on the website so everyone can benefit!

Meditation Practice. “Into the Fullness of the Feminine Spirit”. Women’s Full Moon Meditation.

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It’s a full moon again! Every moon is special as her gentle silver energy symbolises desire, in this instance speficically female desire, of all sorts, at every level. Physical, emotional and spiritual and everywhere, everything in-between.

Full moon symbolises fulfillment of these desires, or fulfillment of an inner yearning so that you can walk towards these with strength and resolve, neutrality, balance and deep knowing.

This connection between spirit and human is a part of the in-breath and the out-breath of the universe.

Essentially, it is you, at heart level.

This is real power, power of your spiritual Heart.

Please do this meditation in the light of the full moon, or to bring yourself back into this light at another time of the month.

How will you know which is right for you?

You sit in your question, feel your inner response. And then you will know. Truly know.

Because Spirit (yours) will tell you.

Please email me with your experiences and let me know how you get on!


Meditation & Wisdom Resource. Always Hold Your Own Space. It’s Who You Are.

There is more to Life than meets the eye. Whatever happens to and around you, it’s important that you remain intact and hold your own space in the face of external turmoil. If your energy leaks or is drawn anywhere, you are able to bring it back to yourself quickly. This means that you are able to wind your energy back so that you remain intact, are not led by external forces and remain aware and at all times discerning in every single moment.  In effect, who you are is not lead by what is being said, viewed or reviewed by external experience, and you become more able to see beyond emotional response, the basis of strength. Please let me know what happens in your life situations when you do this – and also what this means in your response to world events around you.

Picture from Kamalaya Koh Samui. www.kamalaya.com

Meditation. Clearing Inner Space Through the Chakras.

Beginner level.

Feeling overstressed? Need some space? Clearing inner space through the chakras, using our breath as a tool and connecting to our inner sense is beautiful and dynamic work that quickly recentres you. Just allow, let yourself be in your own space – inner space – and watch your energy flow.

How did it change the way you breathe? Where did your attention go to? Would love to hear your experiences!

The Nazareine Speaks on connecting with the Nature of Enchantment.

The Nazareine speaks on the importance of connecting to both our internal and external nature and how we need to be in community to have a context to our lives, support each other as we grow. Important too for us to see the enchantment in the nature all around us, and remember to play as much as we work.

Please take a moment to adjust your vision to the beauty of the nature all around you. It’s within you too, reflected. What do you see? How did you play? Please email me with your comments and insights!

Meditation – Creating Peace Within and Around You.

Intermediate Level. In times of escalating conflict, it’s important for you to take the time to go deep into your own inner space in order to release old energy and reflections, both for yourself and for the larger picture around you. In this way Spirit is allowed to arise freely and energy continues to move, without judgment or need from anyone. Neutrality is therefore maintained in all ways, always, without awareness being compromised. Being in your own space in this way leaves you free to create lives of freedom for yourself and others too.

Follow my voice to release old, damaging and unfulfilled reflections from deep within you. As you release these for yourself, the same awareness also releases old energy from extended community consciousness, without anger, blame, fear nor judgment. A purposeful peace that serves all, in private, silence and humility. Enjoy – and thank you!