Meditation – Sending Healing with Love

Meditation, beginner’s/intermediate. If you’ve know of anyone who is ill, stressed, distressed or generally out of sorts, here is something tangible that you can do to assist them. Please just follow my voice to send the energy of healing love, whether subtly (privately) or with their knowledge. It all makes a difference and you feel you’re being of assistance.

Please let me know of what you experienced when you did this and what were your results!

Life Strategy – How Much of Your World is Anchored in Fear?

joyita-what-ifFear is such an interesting exploration, isn’t it? it’s all around and within us and so prevalent in our societies that we don’t realise how much we are Muppets in our knee-jerk reactions. Different people react from different levels of fear and this comes from how closed their mind is in the first place. Within a closed mind there is little light, just a series defence mechanisms – defending of what-is with a view to what-if. And as you know, when energy doesn’t move, stagnation occurs.

Different cultures have different layers of closed minds, an individual both feeds into and takes from these which in turn determines the level of dynamic resolution of their forward momentum.  Whether we defend, or not against change or whatever, it happens anyway as energy keeps flowing – it has to, that is its nature. It’s when it has to move against continued resistance that violence occurs, because energetic forward momentum cannot be stopped. It can only be deflected, by thought. And violence can come up in many different forms: disease, arguments, storms, war …. whatever, until purpose has been achieved in attention being called and action taken.

Whether the mind is closed or open impacts each One’s very personal journey, and determines how much their core Spirit is reflected. If one can be totally individual, ie not in community of any sort, that’s fine because what they do (either by free or conditioned choice), it only impacts them. It’s different when One is a dynamic part of a collective situation and their movement – or not – impacts that momentum of that community.

The full moon last week was very much about community, about seeing and being yourself in one and of being able to network your relationships. And in today’s modern world, these communities are increasingly been networked into a global one.

Most communities are, however, mired in fear and the entire messaging of media (and governments) is geared towards what you have or want today that you may lose tomorrow. Or the day after unless you …. (whatever, fill in the blank).

It takes a lot of courage to see the multiple layers of stereotyping and decide to live beyond it. To set your own terms and to face life as it comes, without living in hope and expectation. Both keep you in the future and most certainly, fear lives in time, either past or future. It cannot exist in present moment because here there is essentially nothing. Just space, that you fill.

Think about it.

A good practice is  watch Fear as a non-moving energy inside you, and with such observation you stay in the present moment. It doesn’t have to be specific for now, just the general entity. In this way, without time, fear itself ceases to exist. Each fearless moment unfolds from itself again into itself completely jewel-like a cycle of unending energy that transforms itself as it moves. It’s precision is in the Simplicity of What-Is.

This practice, when applied to put you purely and squarely in the energy of Fear means you sit in it and recognize its darkness as being all-emcompassing. Just do it, with a hint of curiosity, that’s all. And then, as with everything, by being in it you will find the energy changing. The Observer and the Observed become One as you become the same frequency through familiarisation. And at this time you will find, quite naturally, that the Fear that had hithertofore been your total engagement, no longer exists within.

It is in this silence that your Mind will then allow new thought to arise.

And away you go.


Much love as always,

Anna x


Meditation Practice. On Presence. Simply Living Life to the Full.

Presence simply means being really, truly Alive, And focused on each moment as it arises by becoming acutely aware of how the energy around you feels. Anna introduces here the 12 Senses and their relationship to material perception. Here’s an easy practice for you to get into that space.

March New Moon Solar Eclipse 2016

New moon energy is always about stepping into a new world, through the vehicle of desire – for change, opportunity, dreams. This beautiful energy also brings along with it the opportunity to engage with your darkest fear/s, those that might remain buried within you that might trip you up unawares. If you’ve been feeling the energy to have been intense in the past few weeks, now you know why. By being willing to reflect both in your light and darkness will you more readily align with the Spirit of Opportunity that this year is all about.

What came up for you? What was/are your greatest fear/s?

I was a bit surprised (well, not really) that my own had to do with my mother, husband and children dying. I lived this in the past few weeks with them all being ill one way or another (and ultimately me too) it wasn’t until I was preparing this for you that the penny dropped for me and my questions about why my intuition – that I live and breathe by – did not work in their instances. I had felt like a plastic bag had been tied over my head. “A bit like that Luke Skywalker fellow having to practice his light sabre by feeling each tiny movement with all senses ultra-connected,” Spirit said to me later. Really? Funny.

“Thing about Spirit – Spirit hits the nail on the head each time,” said  my friend MPJ when I shared this with her, confiding too that her fears are the same. Yup.

The wonderful thing about new moon is that once everything is synthesised and realisation had taken place, the portals to my inner space opened again and last night wave upon wave of vision unveiled (finally), moving through and onto wonderful new beginnings. New energetic progressions for you, new work, locations for your retreats, my travels to be with  you. Together with celestial sounds of water coming to the shore, there wasn’t  much sleep but hey ho (details).

As well, I felt immensely blessed that when I couldn’t see into the far horizon, I had many around me who could, and I was able to let go and let them take the healing forward for me. Treasured gifts, all. Thank you.

So this is my sharing. Looking forward to yours.

Listen here about 2016 being the Year of Opportunity, and how to harness this for yourself.

Life Strategy. Importance of Protective Energy. It’s a Discipline.

???????????????????If you’ve read my article on working in Japan and my experience there with eyeballing darker energy, and you’ve also read Mary Page’s on her own experience with the shadow, you’ll know how important it is to keep yourself energetically protected. When we work with energy, most of this invisible and the old cliche that ‘there’s more to life than meets the eye’ is more than ever valid here.

All energy is invisible, unless it has crossed over the line to become material. In that case, it’s important to know how to read the space between the material. And within this space, and the many spaces therein, do different aspects of light and dark reside.

Please note I’m not saying ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ because if you understand pure energy, you will also know that energy just ‘is’ and our experience devolves from our relationship with and understanding of it. ‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ only exist when we the people confer our own understanding of structure, in many instances cultural morality, onto what is really only the ‘is-ness’ of life. Spirit, which is freedom itself, becomes encumbered by morality and Spirituality becomes yet another set of rules overlaid on all the others….

So energy is energy is energy is energy. And as we step out into Life – indeed, we are life itself – it is important to step out with some sort of protection that acts as a sheath on your own, so that whilst your wonderful own energy can still shine through, others’, perhaps less light than your own, or definitely with their own agenda, cannot get in. Doing this regularly is making a practice of it and in time your energy body becomes more strong, you become more objective and also more assertive.

When many of my students tell me stories of this and that experience, all interesting, my first question often in response is “Did you have your shields up.” And then the inevitable second question following immediately after, “And why not?”

Putting your shields up every morning needs to be given the same priority as getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, it will then become automatic. And having the presence to reinforce them whenever you’re facing difficult situation – or psychic attacks – is not just a discipline, it’s a responsibility. For me, I have a reminder set on my phone for 8am every morning – that works for me. What would work best for you?

By the way, a psychic attack from a human is nothing more than someone sending loads of intense emotional energy your way. It’s not yours, so why take it on?

Here are two great practices to start you on your way, one for yourself and the other for your home and family! Enjoy!

Protecting Yourself >> http://ultimatewoman.org/this-months-meditation/

Placing >> Protective Energy around your home

Why don’t you practice both and see what happens – and let me know how you get on!



Listen to Your Own Heartbeat. Principles of Womanhood. My View by Disha Joshi.

Each culture defines womanhood differently, and yet the central theme is the same. Question is not so much how women are viewed inasmuch as how women view themselves. That’s the key, not just to this fundamental question in Life, to many others too. Disha is originally from Dehli and have lived and worked internationally. Here’s her view as a part of our indepth exploration of the spiritual aspects of Womanhood. – Anna.


Butterfly - symbol of freedom in many cultures

Butterfly – symbol of freedom in many cultures

I was born and brought up in India –  the characteristics of womanhood which most people use to define it are the following – woman is supposed to be brave, selfless care taker of the family, a home maker ( as the key person to the harmony and peace in the house ). She should be gentle , submissive and be always ready to sacrifice . There is an explicit expression that she’s weak or inferior .

In my independent point of view, I really don’t relate to the commonly described womanhood principles. For a woman is similar to man – because we all are spirit . So woman has same qualities of love , peace , joy , light , strength , intelligence and loyalty as a man – they are the same . In fact, it’s akin to spirit manifesting as different types of flowers – they are of different colors & fragrance , types & shapes however are from the same source ( spirit ) .

Then another picture comes to my mind which is of yin and yang – which again represents the oneness with different and complementing energies . The energy woman brings is a multi-layered feminine one … mild and yet assertive, full of love and yet discerning, of adaptability, creativity and it’s of courage . It both complements and is complemented by masculine energy of one-pointedness, more rooted in practical aspects of life, with sharp intelligence and iron will. However, there is a blurring out the of lines between manhood and womanhood – like a continuum. Since men and women are combinations of both of these qualities and these combinations are infinite, they both play the role of co-creators and hence as the ultimate different manifestation of the same source (Spirit).

So in essence, womanhood and manhood are different (unique) and yet One. Woman and man are one and the same (Spirit) – there’s nothing in the One-ness that is inferior or superior, or that either is stronger or weaker.

Here’s my question, though. Most people consider India to be a very spiritual country peopled by very old souls.  Isn’t it paradoxical then that the same country has over 3 million plus female infanticides a year due to deep rooted belief that man is superior?


image for disha article


Disha was born and brought up in India and currently lives in Singapore. She loves to connect with like-minded people and is enjoying every moment of life as it unfolds one by one .

Butterfly picture by Joyita, also in Singapore.

Understanding Death 5. Death Comes as the End? Or Is It All in the Eye of the Observer. Mary Page Jones shares an experience.

IMG-20150207-WA0006We have been here 5 years.  I’ve known there was a ghost.  Our cleaning lady, who can see the other side, has seen our ghost.  A few weeks ago she went to the basement and the hair stood on the back of her neck.  I knew we had to do something.

Bob and I did an exorcism, I’ve smudged.  I’ve meditated and opened the way for the ghost to leave.  Finally I called a woman I know in California who is a Shaman.  She has been doing Shamanic journeys for 20 years.  Today she came here – thru energy not physically.

It was a very intense time for my friend, Deborah, the Shaman  She found a Young Girl – not of the house but of the earth -who was screaming.  The dark energy my friend felt was the girl and the screaming…she said when she encounters dark energies she gets the dry heaves…so it was today.  The young girl was one of the settlers /pioneers who had come here.   Deborah saw that around the property were Native Americans.  The young girls family had gone to get supplies and while they were away soldiers came attacked her and raped her.  She never recovered, she had gone insane.  The Native Americans were blamed.

The Native Americans stayed because they wanted to correct the story. The land and trauma were here on this property and where we are.  A couple of weeks ago I meditated sensing there were Native Americans here.   I opened a portal for them to leave.

Deborah has been doing Shamanic journeys for 20 years and in that time DivineMother – the embodiment of the Divine Mother has come into her journeys only twice.  Today the Divine Mother, came for the 3rd time Deborah has experienced her.  She came into the basement.  The young girl needed the unconditional love only Mary could give in order to shift and calm her enough to take her out.

The young girl was terrified by the presence of people.

After  the Divine Mother had the young girl safely out she stayed to clear the land.  At that time the Native Americans who had been on the edge of the property came into the front yard, built a fire and sat around it clearing the land and the space and the trauma and their name.

We have been deeply blessed.  Deborah said there was a huge heaviness in the heart.  She also said after my ablation there will be an opening of the heart.

It was all perfect timing given it is Memorial day.

Bob and I are sad for the young girl.  Blessed and happy for the Native Americans and feel touched by the Divine Mother being here.


Mary Page


Mary Page Jones is President of Rag Dolls to Love and President of The Pomegranate Project: Courage in Motion and a keen kayaker. She is convinced that her chronological age of 74 has more to do with body parts than heart, mind and soul.

She lives in Colorado with her husband Bob.








Picture by Joyita in Singapore.

Listen to Your Own Heartbeat. Clouds. Poem by Joyita Bandyopadhyay

Microsoft Word - Clouds (1)



Clouds of doubt & Clouds of hope
Clouds that bring out our very scope

Clouds that dampen or brighten our lives
Clouds that bring out natures vibes

What is this nature that we talk about?
Is it within us that makes our thoughts sprout?

Each living being carries a seed
The Seed to thrive or to breed

When the seed sown is muddled in dust
The mind wanders & starts to rust

Thoughts of destruction, sadness start to grow
Greed, jealously a muddled flow

Within this trap one starts to think
This life I have really stinks

Clouds of despair begin to show
Wiping out life’s beautiful glow

In such times one needs to stop
Watch their thoughts & make a swap

Be a witness to the thoughts you see
Life is not disdainful but a colourful glee

Bless the ones who prosper & grow
Knowing that blessings will over pour

What you send out will come back to you
So nurture the seeds of loving hue


bio     Joyita is from Kolkata, India and grew up in New Delhi & Dehradun.

She now lives  in Singapore with her husband.

Listen to Your Heartbeat – A Mother’s Hand. By Mina Ficarra.

A Mother's Hand (2)Come, sit within me, feel who I am and we will grow together

Come, sit upon me, and know that I will give you all that you need while you begin your life’s adventure.

Come, sit beside me, take on your own view and trust that you can begin to walk your own path in the knowing that my hand is close by.

Come, sit across from me and know that I respect you and watching you write your own story fills me with joy

Go, sit where you will and know that where ever that is you have all that you need within you to live a life fulfilled.


By Mina Ficarra.


Min lives in Melbourne.