The Nazareine Speaks on Love, Enthusiasm, Inspiration & Community in Workplace

We go to work every day, in fact, work becomes something that many of you spend vast amounts of time on. It doesn’t have to be your personal defining force, though. Here, The Nazareine speaks on how to make simple changes in your relationship with your work so that you remain enthusiastic, committed and inspired in community with like-minded people – on your own terms.

Consider how you too can work to a different rhythm, at the same time retaining that competive edge, and how you can retain your own work-family balance whilst meeting deadlines and retaining your value as a key part of your team.

Life Strategy. Using Creative Energy for your Dreams. Profile with Anna.

An easier and more efficient way to define your dreams is to draw them rather than place them in lists. This allow your inner creative force total freedom of expression in the rhythm of making them real in terms of natural right order.”

Sort out your wish list into different categories. You, family, job – anything you want. Feel their energy. How do they feel to you? Are they congruent with your life journey? Or just wishful thinking, a waste of your focus? Once you are satisfied, move onto the next step of bringing them to your universe ….. and enjoy the results!


Life Strategy. Philosophy of Being and Life Being Love

Here, Anna and Jane discuss how when you are able to let go of material expectations and form, and live in acceptance of all that is, then irrespective of external considerations, life is more easily harmonious and peaceful.

As well, when you recognise that Love is an aspect of Being rather than an emotion, and that by just being yourself, understanding will just fall into place to support this too. The simplicity of this forms the basis of wisdom communities, living together in higher awareness and extended responsibility towards All of life.

Take a moment to reflect upon your experience of Love as defined by others, and how it relates with your own expression. Define what are the similarities, whether your expectations are met, and determine whether it all flow easily. Please share your insights here with us, so others too can grow through you

Life Strategy. Your Vulnerability is Your Greatest Strength

In truth your vulnerability is our greatest strength. Once you realise that no-one can ever do anything ‘to’ you without your implicit permission you will feel free enough to drop your mask and just be yourself.

The value of this is about Love, Life, Listening and your ability to experience things in context with all of Life and all that is. When you finally are able see the value of just being yourself and growing within this experience, with awareness the role of fear will diminish in your life.

The Nazareine Speaks on Having Fun & Rebuilding Community in This Way

Spiritual teacher and master healer Anna Hughes is channel to The Nazareine, a wise, wonderful and humorous Being of light, whose purpose is to return people to unconditional compassionate love and community consciousness. Here, He speaks on Having Fun in Life and rebuilding community in this way – particularly in your workplaces.

It is in showing the light in this way that you will role-model to others to support you too so that each One is support in realising where the true value of life lies.

Anna Hughes : Defining Spirituality : What Does It mean?

Spirituality is everything to do with our own inner being, that timeless, formless and mostly invisible part of yourself – and our ability to express it in form, bringing this energy back into yourself, to expand it.

This is how you grow. It’s about your relationship with yourself, with each other, with nature, all that is. It’s about harmony in community and about our willingness to be seen, to be valued, to be heard, expressing your own grace and beauty: I know you, I see you and I value you – starting with yourself, because you can only share something that you own for yourself.

There is a huge, limitless world of potential ‘in there’. Realise that Life starts from the inside-out, that you are defined first by who you are then by what you do and that with the energy of Wisdom Love, everything is possible. First, change your own perspective to Life the Life, then assist others around you to do the same. It’s time.


Ultimate Woman : It’s All About You?

Whether you’re male or female, finally here is a resource of Anna’s teachings designed to return you to a sense of balance by taking you beyond this competitive, territorial, defensive world, where success is more often measured by what you do rather than who you are.

It’s about bringing  together you who already know yourself, and who desire and choose to live together in higher wisdom and greater awareness that all of life is interconnected, that everything is a part of a natural right order, and that by accepting and being a greater part of nature and the nature of all that is, your life automatically become more balanced, more peaceful, more joyful, more loving, and most of all, more harmonious with all that is, and all that is Life, itself.

Please share your comment below Live The Life and in so doing bring about profound social change and how this video helped you with that.