Heart to Hearts with Anna. Early days with Spirit.

So often people have asked me how I started my journey with Spirit. Here, in this informal conversation with Linda, I share a brief introduction of how it started for me. As time progresses I’ll be sharing more conversations so that within my own journey, you may see yours

Life Strategy. Intuition & Your Life Choices.

Your intuition is your inner voice, otherwise known as the voice of your Soul. It’s always there for you, the key is to know how to tune into it, to connect to a higher wisdom and guidance that comes from deep within you.

This talk is designed to touch the beauty of your inner self and through this the beginnings of a profound engagement with all of the beauty of life (yours). Learn how simple it is to first see and then feel your choices to move beyond challenge and bring more peace, balance and harmony into your Life.

Please let me know what experiences you have with listening and moving forward in the light of your connection with your intuition! It’s always inspiring to hear as you grow in confidence – and then see where that takes you! Vroom-vroom!

Listen to Your Own Heartbeat. Chinese New Year 2015

TCNY Funhis week we welcome the Year of the Goat, symbolic of peace and harmony. Following a dynamic and galloping Horse year, this lunar year brings you more space to take a deep breath, sit down with a nice hot drink, and do some inner visioning. The more out-of-the-box thinking the better – you  don’t want to continue the same-old same-old in today’s new energy, now do you?
Think mostly of what you can give, rather than what you will take and within this space of kindness (starting with yourself, of course) you will find this altogether to be a year full of gentle growth and lovely new experiences!
How do you bring new experiences into your life? First, you create space. Here’s how in a few easy steps  >>> Click here.
And then read about creating dreams  here!
And last, but not least watch this short video about creating dreams that come true!
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Kung Hei Fat Choi – and Happy Dreaming!


Life Strategy & Meditation Practice. Mastering Pain.

It doesn’t much matter what kind of pain it is ….. pain is pain is pain is pain. And when we’re in pain you’re pulled out of your inner space just by being in pain. It take effort to overcome it – and it’s perfectly possible. Please just follow my voice to return to your natural self – your place of being – and from this, true healing can begin.

Please just follow my voice to return to your natural self, and from this place, true healing can begin.

And as always, please let me know how you get on!


Meditation. Uplifting Your Inner Nature Through the 5 Elements

Intermediate Level. Your inner nature is reflected in the nature around you. Yet most of the time you’re likely too busy to really see what’s around you, never mind feel what’s within. Here’s something short and fulfilling to bring your focus back inward, a space from where you can truly see and feel again the beauty of all that is.

The key here is in the feeling, not of your emotional body. Of your inner sense, which is beyond this.

Follow my voice to connect with each of the Five Elements of nature. From these arise your five senses, essential to give context to your inner and outer worlds of existence.  As you become more practiced in navigating both, you will become more able to direct energy. In finding this balance, you will be more able to go beyond matter and anchor more firmly into your own space where. Here is known as the field of infinite potential, where everything is possible. Enjoy – and thank you!

What did you experience?… Did you feel expansion of any sort? How are you going to use these in context with your life situation?… share them with me together with your questions. I’ll reply to them all!

Recorded and filmed at Kamalaya Koh Samui

Life Strategy. Winding Energy Back into and Staying in Your Own Space. Spoken by Anna.

Essentially are you standing in your own space? Or someone else’s? And what does this mean? The difference is that one holds peace within challenge, and the other is anchored in (someone else’s) chaos.

Please let me know what happens when you can wind your energy back into the space of your own inner wisdom!

Scroll down for accompanying practices!


Always Hold Your Own Space — It’s Who You Are >> Click here to follow

Harmonising Your Feelings around Conflict >> Click here to follow


Life Strategy. Winding Energy Back into and Staying in Your Own Space.

???????????????????????????????                                                                                        Prefer to listen? Click here

The year is still fresh and relatively new yet already it’s been challenging. If you see these as opportunities for growth, you will be able to ride the energy of change more easily. Just stay focused on what-is and what-can-be and let the rest go.

For me, the best thing is to be living and working in community with people who seek peace through wisdom, specifically to anchor the Love that you are, each in your own way. When you are more anchored in love rather than in fear or limitation, your life changes and through you your world too simply because you are in it with a different awareness.

It’s quite different to what most of the world considers to be ‘normal’, the other being a more fear-based, noisy and chaotic external everyday reality that eats away at the inner being and results in defensive, knee-jerk reactions that diminish rather than grow. Rubbish energy, in short. This chaos feeds into itself and breeds yet more rubbish energy until your very cells are so full of it that often you don’t have any space within. You might then even start to believe that what others are saying is true and worst, that there’s nothing you can do about it!

So what do you do then? It’s ALL within.

You sit quiet and wind your energy back into yourself. And you hold it. From the space of other people’s fears and illusions, you hold your own. This means that you see through the chaos into a neutrality where you can hear your own wisdom. This is you, not what others say about you or anything around you. You become an island – of respite, potential and strength for others. Remember the Island of Feelings I published earlier this month? You become that, and more.

Wonderful isn’t it? And yes! It IS possible. First you have to commit to it by choosing to unhook from all the drama, seductive though it may be and return to who you are. This is an identity that is far, far beyond your material self and you breath life into this rather than the other. In addition to the Island of Feelings you become Freedom too.

So then if this year is challenging or not will no longer matter because you know that within you already hold the ability to meet anything head-on. And whether fear is or is not an accompanying factor won’t much matter either, it becomes just another part of the story. Always inspiring.

There are two specific practices for you, just click on the links below to connect.

Let me know how you get on. And of course, if you’d like me to include anything specific next time, please just drop me a line.

Always Hold Your Own Space — It’s Who You Are >> Click here to follow

Harmonising Your Feelings around Conflict >> Click here to follow



Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan, New Year, Chinese New Year, Wesak.

14 Xmas heart highWhatever your festival, it’s all about how you feel – and sharing this – rather than what you do.

This year, why not take the time to write a letter (better than email…..) to those who mean most to you, tell them how you feel about them and what makes them so special to you? It’ll be there for your loved ones to read again and again in years to come.

Great foundation for next year!

Love, Anna.

Meditation Practice – Harmonising Your Feelings Around Conflict

Ever had an experience or have been observer to an event that has made you angry and frustrated and have wanted to do ‘something’ about it – but you don’t know what? That ‘something’ is to not get hooked into it nor to seek retribution. Of course you will judge, of course you will be angry, of course there will be grief. These are all natural reactions. But to seek payback is to feed into the conflict and make it ongoing. Instead, work within yourself to harmonise your own energy so it whilst it touches you – as it does all of us, you do not reflect it back. Try this meditation on harmonising your feelings around any event so you are not burdened moving forward.

Meditation. Clearing Inner Space Through the Chakras.

Beginner level.

Feeling overstressed? Need some space? Clearing inner space through the chakras, using our breath as a tool and connecting to our inner sense is beautiful and dynamic work that quickly recentres you. Just allow, let yourself be in your own space – inner space – and watch your energy flow.

How did it change the way you breathe? Where did your attention go to? Would love to hear your experiences!