March New Moon Solar Eclipse 2016

New moon energy is always about stepping into a new world, through the vehicle of desire – for change, opportunity, dreams. This beautiful energy also brings along with it the opportunity to engage with your darkest fear/s, those that might remain buried within you that might trip you up unawares. If you’ve been feeling the energy to have been intense in the past few weeks, now you know why. By being willing to reflect both in your light and darkness will you more readily align with the Spirit of Opportunity that this year is all about.

What came up for you? What was/are your greatest fear/s?

I was a bit surprised (well, not really) that my own had to do with my mother, husband and children dying. I lived this in the past few weeks with them all being ill one way or another (and ultimately me too) it wasn’t until I was preparing this for you that the penny dropped for me and my questions about why my intuition – that I live and breathe by – did not work in their instances. I had felt like a plastic bag had been tied over my head. “A bit like that Luke Skywalker fellow having to practice his light sabre by feeling each tiny movement with all senses ultra-connected,” Spirit said to me later. Really? Funny.

“Thing about Spirit – Spirit hits the nail on the head each time,” said  my friend MPJ when I shared this with her, confiding too that her fears are the same. Yup.

The wonderful thing about new moon is that once everything is synthesised and realisation had taken place, the portals to my inner space opened again and last night wave upon wave of vision unveiled (finally), moving through and onto wonderful new beginnings. New energetic progressions for you, new work, locations for your retreats, my travels to be with  you. Together with celestial sounds of water coming to the shore, there wasn’t  much sleep but hey ho (details).

As well, I felt immensely blessed that when I couldn’t see into the far horizon, I had many around me who could, and I was able to let go and let them take the healing forward for me. Treasured gifts, all. Thank you.

So this is my sharing. Looking forward to yours.

Listen here about 2016 being the Year of Opportunity, and how to harness this for yourself.

Life Strategy. Moving On in a World Essentially Full of Light. Listen.

Even in the most desolate spaces do flowers bud, that represent new life. Are YOU ready to breath light into new life for yourself too? Leave the past behind? There’s no time like the present moment to make that choice. Start by looking for what is simple, what is already there, and build on that. And vroom vroom….. away you go!

How did you go? How did you feel doing this? And, most important, what happened! Let me know your stories so we can share amongst others!


Life Strategy. Moving On In a World Essentially Full of Light.

PeaceHow has this year gone for you? Like it’s whooshed through in about 2 seconds? That’s how it felt to me!
It’s been an astonishing year.
Many of you have asked what next year will bring, it’s human nature to want to know what’s coming. Insights given mean that you’ll feel more safe within yourself, more prepared to meet the future, whatever lies ….. ‘there’ …. And then to make the decision on what to bring ….. ‘here’…..
In this light, 2016 can be, if you wish, the year of New Life.
We’re on the verge of new and exciting times where our now very anachronistic external landscape is changing. Look at what’s around you now compared to this time last year. No-one is exempt from the change of external environment. From what may on the surface seem to be ‘disastrous’, ‘negative’, ‘awful’ (etc) can also be seen to be old structure breaking down to make room for new, in the same way that even in the most desolate landscape do flowers eventually start to bud.
Within the increasing noise and busyness of the Shadow world can be found great opportunity too. That’s always the case – the gift of Spirit in providing opportunity for growth in All That Is. It’s up to you to claim it.
Connect to this new potential of being simply by being more willing to operate beyond conventional thought. Think outside of the box.Be clever about it. You will thus be one of those who help fire up new energy streams and patterns of thought that uplift you and others to fly, unencumbered by other peoples’ beliefs, needs and fears.
How’s that for freedom?
Many of you originally came to Spirit because essentially the external world did not work for you, It was too noisy/busy/fast/materialistic. You were tired, perhaps also a bit disoriented and/or no longer sure of your identity. Most of all you wanted something beyond the material, ultimately to live inspirational lives. unravel Truth from perspective, embrace what is real and live authentically, genuinely, kindly, whatever, that is right for you in enlightened society with others, similar. Knowing that you are thus supported, life becomes one of more dignity, confidence and wisdom, it’s joy is in finding
Within huge grief and anger at all the man-made and natural difficulties that seized our attention multiple times this year came a small but determined budding of this Spirit of community. It’s expressed by more and more people finding their voice or who are supporting those who already have. We’re still at the very beginning, and we have some way to go yet. But it’s definitely there now where before there was only silence, accompanied by inertia. As with everything in our world, whatever you focus on you will grow. So focus on this rather than anything else, breathe life into it and grow it into full flower.
Next year will continue to be challenging – it’s how you grow. All the more reason to express your spiritual heart with a clear sense of direction. You can no longer wait for others to fix what’s been broken for years, what’s not functioning within your matrix and beyond.Take the first, simple step of reviewing what in your life is not working. What has needed to be said and done all these years? What are your trigger points? Then you cut the energy. Do it in steps if you need to but do it. No-one else is going to do it for you, With a view to your extended community and its impact you free yourself, lovingly, kindly and gently. This will minimize ongoing karma (and drama).
Then, you decide what really matters to you. What’s next? What have you always wanted to do? What feels right? You all have an inner sense of your own answers. This is Spirit calling you. Now, as we head to New Life, take action, feel your way again maybe  again just one small step at a time with your silent chant of “Let us see where this takes me”. Essentially when we set out to do something, no-one ever has guarantees and Spirit sometimes throws a curved ball, just to keep us present, LOL. It’s not even about leap of faith or trust. But if you determine to follow the energy as it unfolds, then the old cliche of the journey being the joy comes true. The journey from A to B and onwards will be full of wonderful memories, especially if you choose to smell the flowers during your travels.
And memories are the only thing that last forever, within us.
Something to thank yourself for, ultimately.
These simple moves taken in the light of your own freedom and preferred onward momentum is your multidimensional signal to the Universe of the Ultimate Freedom. This is of the freedom to think clearly, see with love and make choices for yourself to be reflected outwards, into the wider world community,
This is enlightenment, lived.
Much love, as always.


Life Strategy. Listen. Inside Each of Us, All Of Us, Ultimately, We Seek Peace.

In Thailand there is a very old saying: “Rivermen’s discernment helps one to make the appropriate moment and diminish the influence of Fate.  Mekong fishermen stay abreast of change.”

In today’s ever-chaotic world, are you ready to take charge of what’s around – and within – you? Stop running around after what doesn’t matter and walk away from ignorance, confusion, inaccurate perspective and delusion? And achieve a little more permanent peace at the same time, by connecting with your own inner Spirit, not just some of the time, all of the time? Listen here to know the effects of connecting to your own Spiritual energy. By your commitment to this, you become part of a community of Wisdom Love devoted to holding the light in the face of great darkness in how things are currently established in our world. Would love to hear your understandings of the messages that came through me as I recorded this.

It can be an emotive subject – if you allow it. Everyone is thinking about it and afraid they will say the ‘wrong’ thing. Let me know YOUR thought, would be great to hear from you.

You can read it here too! Enjoy!

Life Strategy. Inside Each of Us, All Of us, Ultimately, We Seek Peace.

For quite a while now, I’ve been concerned at where our world is going at current trajectory. So during the September new moon, I asked to see. And I was shown that what is happening in terms of the growing conflict in our world today is not going to be sorted out anytime soon. It’ll take years, maybe even a generation or more because it’s effectively conflict with an invisible enemy. There may be some advances that may seem like successes, but they will be small plasters on a massive suppurating wound mostly because the core is rotten. Like the head of the hydra, once a pistule is cut several more will spring forth. The darkness is fulfilled by its ability to strike terror through its lack of compassion, in ignorance of Truth, the absence of Love and individuals’ personal emotional baggage embedded in cultural memory banks. The darkness isn’t just in war zones and seeking to spread it. It is and has always been living amongst us all, wherever we are in the history of our world.Since then – well, even before then – I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s going on in our world right now.Haven’t you?And I’ve been thinking about each of you too who individually, collectively share with me your innermost thoughts and lives. You are all of you so very human, and so keen to do what is right – for you, your families, everyone around you really. And I thought that I could teach around this, or we could look at it together, without fear.When you factor everything in, and see deeply the many different layers of life, you will see that essentially we are all living the projections of our mind and many of these are distorted, a reactive list of -must-and-should-do’s that are rooted into us from birth, most of the time without us being aware of it.

In material terms, we are living separated from our innermost being, lives that are very often fear-based illusion erroneously called ‘reality’ and focused mostly on limitation and separation, us from ourselves and with each other. And modern-day culture is teaching us to communicate mostly through technology rather than listening closely to people speaking to us and most of all listening to ourselves. Our mind wanders, mostly to what needs to be done, what people said or did, and how we are going to deal with it all. And so on.

Most people have in their daily lives more than enough to deal with, without having to stretch to think about what’s going on in the world around them, and come to a knowing about where that’s all heading and what to do about it all too. Yet it’s critically important to be aware, because from this springs the tools to deal with it.

It is undeniable that the darkness is growing around us in the world. To teach inspiration, or joy, or love, or any other aspect of Spirit and to not acknowledge this is to pretend there isn’t an elephant in the room. There is, and it’s big. And it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

Most people think that if it’s not in their area, or if they don’t watch the news, it’s not going to affect them.

Great thought-process, but …. boinngggg …. inaccurate simply because Life is inextricably networked, you me, everyone else and every situation around us too. That’s life.

“When the war started (in Syria) I thought this is the beginning of the end of all ‘darkness’ as you call it,” someone wrote to me recently. “They are going to destroy each other. It was bound to happen. It creates an imbalance in the Universe and it has to correct itself. Love has to prevail in the end. Any cause based on hatred and darkness cannot survive. It is on a self-destruct course right now.”

What is on a self-destruct course right now? War? The darkness?


We are – because ultimately most people are just watching events unfold as if it’s just a soap opera and will never touch them. But the fact that you are just observing means that whoever you are watching struggling in the waves, trudging through countries, living in camps, dying from some virus and/or whatever is your karma too, because you are present. You can read specifics in the article on watching the Interconnection of Karma Being Expressed Today.

In writing this I was accused of not seeing what was really happening. “Everyone understands the humanity side of the problem,” someone wrote. “But spare a thought for the reality of the situation. Particularly in the years ahead,”I was told in reference to the Charlie Hebdo and similar massacres.

My point is that there is no one answer on how to fix any single event but by staying inert or even live in fear of recurrence it is going to grow unchallenged. My point too is that it has now become signficant that each one of us plays a decisive part in clearing our own piece of the darkness by seeing and connecting with our own inner Light. By so doing, we ultimately clear the collective not by doing, simply by recognising, embodying and expressing the extent of our innermost BEING.

Rumi puts it beautifully. “There is one thing in this world which must never be forgotten. If you were to forget everything else, but were not to forget this, there would be no cause to worry, while if you remembered, performed and attended to everything else, but forgot that one thing, you would in fact have done nothing whatsoever. It is as if a king had sent you to a country to carry out one special, specific task. You go to the country and you perform a hundred other tasks, but if you have not performed the task you were sent for, it is as if you have performed nothing at all. So man has come into the world for a particular task, and that is his purpose. If he doesn’t perform it, he will have done nothing.”

This is what is meant by bringing Spirit into materiality and the first focus of our humanity. It’s not about your ego, or your personality, that part of you between birth and death. It’s about defining, expressing and experiencing the enormous infinite and eternal part of you in the meantime. And forever.

You start by knowing the heart of your innermost being, from which springs the core of you. Whilst each one’s journey is different, deep within our collective soul it is the fundamentally the same. And that is our fundamental desire to live together in peace, grow in understanding, be heard, seen and valued.Most of all to be loved. And each one to know that for this to happen, we first have to be this then reflect it outwards

To follow the path of this wisdom has now become urgent, its complexity in the light of what is happening in our world today made even more difficult because the majority of society is stuck in illusion. That wealth or its pursuit buys happiness, power is about the ability to control and manipulate, that businesses can flourish at the expense of its people and that greed, excess and waste through ignorance (or not) are themes of life to be celebrated. It’s a sad fantasy that when most people are pursuing these ‘dreams’, including governments who protect the right of their people to continue this way of existence, human life and community consciousness are sacrificed in other, different parts of the world. It seems that it’s okay that someone (else) has to give away something so others can continue to have it.

Well, not just governments.Individuals too.

The darkness that has now come to light in our world is both a sickness and an opportunity so don’t give in to it by being afraid of it, nor by judging it, because where-ever you place your mind will grow it. Eyeball it instead by knowing that you can only be silenced if you believe that it and what it says is real.


Attend to it instead by focusing on your wisdom journey. Stay connected to Spirit – your Spirit which keeps you authentic, and don’t be afraid to speak your truth, whatever that may be and however uncomfortable it is for you to deliver or your audience to hear. See clearly the  multiple addictions and accompanying desires of this modern age, what takes people out of themselves, distracts from what is happening right under their noses.


Wish for the best for everyone and if Spirit gives you an idea to enact within this, don’t be afraid to do so. It’s your journey and your karmic contract with yourself.


Above all, don’t be afraid of yourself or the immensity of what you can achieve. You may be one, that bends like the reed in the wind, yet if you are able to connect with others who are all on the same path – a community consciousness of wisdom, of growth, of love and sharing, you will be indestructible. Thus will the light – which is really the light of awareness and your own spiritual heart – eyeball the darkness, each in your own way.


It’s all these tiny lights that together form a massive flame of your own greatest potential, knowing that you are already playing your part in eyeballing the darkness merely by the light of your ultimate Being into it.


Women’s Spiritual Teaching and Supermoon Practices. September 2015

What a wonderful, inspirational and all embracing evening we had together on Monday’s Supermoon! Of course, it was YOUR energy, expressed, reflected and experienced. No wonder it was so special. Thank you all for everything. Please stay connected and we’ll speak again together very soon.

For you who were with us in Spirit rather than in person, I send to  you all our collective love as well. May where you all walk be blessed.


Listen to Your Own Heartbeat. Love and Blessings come to those who themselves hold Love and Blessings Within.

150928 Super full moon singaporeLove and blessings come to those who themselves hold love and blessings within. It’s a simple law of the Universe – that it all starts within.It’s not what you do, it’s who you be. Here’s the energy of Love and compassion at last night’s supermoon meditation.


Joyita writes:

Steeped in gratitude I see

Glowing faces of thee


Fun & Laughter, sharing & caring

A way for us to go on pairing


Beams of light that touched our heads

Blessed our we to be connected by threads


Threads of oneness, threads of love

Threads that connect us together as a puff


A gift it is to be in your light

May we shine your torch & always be bright


Through your mercy & grace we will learn

To be like you and to discern


The truth, the light , the love there is

For you are in us, in all that is


Joyita lives in Singapore.

Meditation Practice. Supermoon, You, Love and Relationships.

Lunar eclipses bring things up from the hidden, invisible parts of you so that you can consider them and make a choice either to let them go or to bring them to fruition. This lightens your inner being and with more space within, you will take more determined steps. Relationships too are the most important part of your life as they reflect yourself – who you are is what you see around you. Life just flows, sometimes challenging more than others, these are what makes you grow. How you direct your energy is then experienced within the environment around you and understanding and taking responsibility for this will bring great reward.

We’re now in the energy of a spectacular full moon lunar eclipse bringing you to possibility of riding its energy to go into the past in terms of your relationships and use this space to move forward into new life. Take forward with you what works and give you joy, discard the rest as life unfolds for you in a more gentle, more graceful and gracious way. What insights did you receive here? How do they resonate? And how will you take them forward. Please email me if you have any questions or doubts!

Practice can be done at any time, just tune into the energy and vroom-vroom…. away you go.

Enjoyed this? Try this one, also recorded in full moon energy: Love and the Amethyst Moon. A Gentle Acknowledgement of Love and Self.

Life Strategy. Watching the Interconnection of Karma Being Expressed Today.

Stay freeIt’s been another interesting period in the history of our planet, hasn’t it? The migration into Europe has certainly brought attention to the human cost of modern conflict in many different parts of our beautiful world; people can watch it and of course still turn away from it, but with modern communication, you can’t not know about it. And “knowing” especially at a time when stakes are so high brings you to a choice point in terms of responsibility and call to action.

We are all participants in this experience because at community level we all share the same karma. This is the overriding karma into which falls the inner view of your cultural, family and individual aspect and forms the basis of progression for future generations. Some years ago I wrote that at current trajectory as it was then we were heading towards a more global conflict and that this would  an unseen war. The power of the enemy would be in its invisibility and to deal with it would be much like trying to swat a mosquito in the dark.

In this light and with energy as the foundation of all of Life itself being irrevocably interlinked, millions of lives have already changed and millions more are in process of changing – yours, mine and everyone else’s. Anyone who thinks that life will just go on as it has always done, particularly because they live far away from ‘the action’, is deluded.

So here we are now looking at a global scenario which whilst not exactly Doomsday significantly calls for action on each one’s part. It doesn’t have to be much, no one’s expected to be a hero, but like water dropping on a stone, whatever you choose to do or say will collectively eventually make a mark in terms of unconditional community consciousness. And it can be anything you wish, as long as it’s something, however small.

It needs to be done, or started now because then it will be focused and managed by you, the people and community consciousness will shift into this space. Otherwise it will be done at you, and in ways you can be sure isn’t going to work for you and it will be done by those whose interesting assumption is that peace can be attained through violence and other forms of force.

It has not yet been widely recognized that we are facing those who are masters of the darkness, whose main weapon is fear and who manipulate public opinion through the Trojan horse of hate by those who for whatever reason have never felt included in any aspect of any society and who have no identity of their own. To know this for yourself, just listen carefully in between the lines of rhetoric on both sides.

I’ve been saying for a while that it’s time to move. Now, it really is.

My summer was very different to how I had planned, both my uncles passed away within a few days of each other and my first response was to return to the UK to focus on my mother and extended family there. Both uncles had left a war-impoverished Hong Kong in the 1950s as part of a diaspora of young Chinese men seeking new life and opportunity overseas and much later, other family emigrated to Canada for the same reason. Big change and challenges for everyone, some settled, others chose eventually to return home.

My father, a Welshman, left his home in 1943 and having lied about his age (16 years) joined the Royal Air Force. He arrived in Hong Kong the day after the war ended and his first duty was to ferry war criminals from Tokyo back to Hong Kong for war crimes trial. He then decided to stay on and married my mother at a time when not many young Chinese women of good family married foreigners. Eventually, they retired back to the UK, electing to live near my uncles so it would be easier for my mother to integrate in terms of community, structure and support.

Through their respective journeys they instilled in my brother, cousins and myself a strong work ethic, resilience and resourcefulness that in turn we have taught our own children. Failure was never an option and self-pity not much tolerated by our elders. They were just like these ones now seeking new life in another country due to war and economic situation, some of whom will make it through persistence and hard work, others, well, won’t. They will, or will not integrate, harmoniously or however, into the societies in which they are seeking new life, and much of this will depend too on each one’s own vision of life and their karmic contract.

Mine is the story of millions of families around the world and may even be the same as your own family history.

In calling for change, I am not looking at these ones who seek to make it. They seek the light and will be challenged by the darkness in so doing. I am looking at those who seek to destroy life, love and community as we all cherish it. It’s time they faced Spirit-in-motion by us using different methodology and tools to those that have never anyway worked in the entire history of our planet.

Think about it.


Life Strategy. Freedom of the Spirit – In Search of the True Self.

Do you often feel empty and that your life lacks either purpose or fulfillment? Are you looking for something, but not sure what that might be? To find yourself, to know yourself starts from the inside and involves only a willingness to be true to Self. Yourself. Listen here and let me know how you feel afterwards! And what you’re moved to do too!