Life Strategy – How Much of Your World is Anchored in Fear?

joyita-what-ifFear is such an interesting exploration, isn’t it? it’s all around and within us and so prevalent in our societies that we don’t realise how much we are Muppets in our knee-jerk reactions. Different people react from different levels of fear and this comes from how closed their mind is in the first place. Within a closed mind there is little light, just a series defence mechanisms – defending of what-is with a view to what-if. And as you know, when energy doesn’t move, stagnation occurs.

Different cultures have different layers of closed minds, an individual both feeds into and takes from these which in turn determines the level of dynamic resolution of their forward momentum.  Whether we defend, or not against change or whatever, it happens anyway as energy keeps flowing – it has to, that is its nature. It’s when it has to move against continued resistance that violence occurs, because energetic forward momentum cannot be stopped. It can only be deflected, by thought. And violence can come up in many different forms: disease, arguments, storms, war …. whatever, until purpose has been achieved in attention being called and action taken.

Whether the mind is closed or open impacts each One’s very personal journey, and determines how much their core Spirit is reflected. If one can be totally individual, ie not in community of any sort, that’s fine because what they do (either by free or conditioned choice), it only impacts them. It’s different when One is a dynamic part of a collective situation and their movement – or not – impacts that momentum of that community.

The full moon last week was very much about community, about seeing and being yourself in one and of being able to network your relationships. And in today’s modern world, these communities are increasingly been networked into a global one.

Most communities are, however, mired in fear and the entire messaging of media (and governments) is geared towards what you have or want today that you may lose tomorrow. Or the day after unless you …. (whatever, fill in the blank).

It takes a lot of courage to see the multiple layers of stereotyping and decide to live beyond it. To set your own terms and to face life as it comes, without living in hope and expectation. Both keep you in the future and most certainly, fear lives in time, either past or future. It cannot exist in present moment because here there is essentially nothing. Just space, that you fill.

Think about it.

A good practice is  watch Fear as a non-moving energy inside you, and with such observation you stay in the present moment. It doesn’t have to be specific for now, just the general entity. In this way, without time, fear itself ceases to exist. Each fearless moment unfolds from itself again into itself completely jewel-like a cycle of unending energy that transforms itself as it moves. It’s precision is in the Simplicity of What-Is.

This practice, when applied to put you purely and squarely in the energy of Fear means you sit in it and recognize its darkness as being all-emcompassing. Just do it, with a hint of curiosity, that’s all. And then, as with everything, by being in it you will find the energy changing. The Observer and the Observed become One as you become the same frequency through familiarisation. And at this time you will find, quite naturally, that the Fear that had hithertofore been your total engagement, no longer exists within.

It is in this silence that your Mind will then allow new thought to arise.

And away you go.


Much love as always,

Anna x


Life Strategy – Knowing Yourself in Today’s World

Spirit is about knowing yourself, in any moment. And from this space to observe What-Is – and move with it (or not). And for this to happen, you have to experience yourself and All of Life from the inside out. Not who you think you are, or even think you should be – this is the Mind. Who you are at core level can first of all only be felt, then a communication occurs with yourself. When you are practices, you are able to move beyond the material – or ego – and communicate with your Spiritual body, that part of you that is pure consciousness. Here is not only the life that  you’ve always wanted (“dreamed of”), it is your ultimate Home.

When you are ‘there’ you are connected with Spirit’s gift of a mind with which to think, a heart with which to feel, and free will in weaving it all together. With your intuition, that voice of your Soul and your connector to All That Is all you then need to do is to simply focus on where you’re heading, precisely. Where you are now is Presence. What-Is, and eventually they become moment-by-moment memories that define your life. All wonderful human stories, experienced together and how you’re ultimately remembered. And of course, how you re-member yourself, one fragment at a time, to take forward in the whole of Life.

Enjoy this reflection, and come back to me with insights and questions.


Meditation Practice. Using Energy for Personal Protection.

Beginners Level. Life is all about energy and in the wider scheme there’s no good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative. It just is what it is and oftentimes too it’s other people’s emotional stuff projected outwards.

Particularly in today’s age, it’s an increased responsibility to shield yourself from lower frequency energy, particularly that which is directed at you in terms of someone else’s emotions and also the wider base energy of fear, now so prevalent around us. Keep your inner space clear so you can continue to see your way unencumbered by other people’s stuff. Here’s a simple practice to help shield you on your way. – regularly used it only takes a moment to do and then away you go!

Did you get an insight or two while listening to this mediation! Subscribe to my channel and leave a comment below.

What did you experience?… Did you feel expansion of any sort? How are you going to use these in context with your life situation?… share them with me together with your questions. I’ll reply to them all!

Meditation Practice. On Presence. Simply Living Life to the Full.

Presence simply means being really, truly Alive, And focused on each moment as it arises by becoming acutely aware of how the energy around you feels. Anna introduces here the 12 Senses and their relationship to material perception. Here’s an easy practice for you to get into that space.

Life Strategy. Living in Simplicity

Simplicity is a precise focus on something so that there is both a lot of space, or there is no space. The energy just ‘is’, it doesn’t have a chance to move around and create complications. It just is what it is, and that’s it.

You have to let go of the mind and feel this. Most people’s inner being is cluttered with ancient memories, emotions, thought-forms, and when you’re connected with your inner space, without feeling squashed, you can see your way forward more easily. Here’s a short talk for you to discover how you too can simplify your life.

Life Strategy. Part 2 of What Is Spirituality. An Out-of-the-Box Exploration

Continuing our conversation on What-Is Spirituality.

Simplicity Intro Pix

There are only two things in material life that are definite. You are born and you die. That’s it. Between these there is a range of choice that comes from Spirit’s gift of a mind with which to think, a heart with which to feel, and free will in weaving it all together. With your intuition, that voice of your Soul and your connector to All That Is all you need to do is to simply focus on where you’re heading, precisely. Where you are now is Presence. What-Is.
And the choice of what and how to fulfill all this material space is purely yours.
At the beginning of any journey, life or otherwise, it often seems daunting. By breaking everything down into simple steps, though, you find that things will converge into a rhythm of movement seemingly without effort. It’s that simple. Each little step once done becomes a memory and as life flows on you find all your little memories ultimately merge into one big one.
How you felt about this, or that,how you felt about anything at any time is intertwined and will impact choice whether you are conscious of them or not. This is your history.
It’s important to be aware of this as you move forward, because this history is the underlying theme to being fully alive. Do any memories come up, fleeting or otherwise on any past situation? What are they? Do they define where you’d like to head in the future? You’d be surprised on how many people make choices for the future based on memories of the past. The what-ifs.
Just because something happened in the past need not mean that it will happen again in the future.  Unless, of course, you feed energy into it.
By focusing on each step, and by creating memories of a specific value to you, without mindless chatter you find that your life becomes one history of multiple, brilliant memories. Some are lighter than others, of course, upon reflection you will see a certain relationship that if you wish you can encapsulate into one or two words that form the thread of your life, a part of the Journey of Your Soul.
What is your thread? This is what you’ve come to learn, in this lifetime. By in-breathing this in the light of acceptance, you harmonise Soul energy and move on. At the same time, seeing and accepting your gifts mean that you grow this part of your energy too.
Memories can be changed, too, you know. More specifically you can change your emotional attachment to any memory at any time just by being aware, create understanding. Mostly by accepting that they are over. Then you are no longer prisoner to the more challenging ones. Without diminishing the value of each experience, space is opened within for other, perhaps lighter, experiences to spring forth.
This is the most direct way of short-circuiting an undisciplined mind that is focused on what-ifs. Otherwise known as fear, it gnaws the soul and reduces the beauty of life into pointless soul-searching,a mindless search for the Self that is already Present, now.
Think about it. :)
Picture by Mina Ficarra, Melbourne
Taken in Vietnam.

Using Soul Energy to Quickly Deal with Stress

Do you ever feel stressed by the volume of things in your life that needs to be done? Or to meet other people’s requirements (of you)? Here Anna shares some basic techniques that, rather than add to the stress of having to do even more things to stop you feeling stressed, focus (lol, seriously…. think about it….) focus instead on making you feel really, simply…. ALIVE.

Feeling alive and feeling present are One and the same, and your living this aspect of soul energy becomes very very clear and very very precise. So, so simple – enjoy!

Soooo ….. Practice here doesn’t mean you have to do more and more in order to feel less and less ** whatever (**fill in the blank here), it means to allow yourself to be present in every single moment, watching and more importantly BEING what is happening in your life, at that moment.

And then, as fast as it arises, you let it go, because when that moment has passed, you realise that it no longer has any value. Not now and certainly not ever in the future.

Let me know how you get on and what insights you get from this!

The Nazareine Speaks on Relationships, Technology & Assumptions

I always think that assumptions are the death of any good relationship. Jumping to conclusions and insisting that you are right seeds hostile situations that create defensive struggle, at many different levels. Listen here to the Nazareine speak on the challenges provided by those who hang fast to their own theories rather than working – and accepting – what-is. Perhaps they find it difficult, challenging or frightening to do so and prefer to create an illusion that feeds into their own stories. Add to this the distance that modern technology provides, and you have on your hands a pretty complicated (and unnecessary) situation.

Assumptions mean you stay firmly in the past. It’s always important to leave the past in the past and stay very rooted into present moment. Then, all the facts can be considered, you sit and face it and then move on.

Please let me know what you learned from this. Did you hear anything familiar? How did you handle it in the past and how would you handle it if it came up again in the future?


Life Strategy – Do You Really Listen?


How well do you listen, and do you really listen, really hear what others are saying? I’ve observed many people listen through defensive filters, preoccupied or thinking their agendas or responses at the same time, so are not really listening at all. Some people either interrupt or talk over other people or come out with something that’s not related very much to what was being said, which is an interesting approach to communication and relationship.

Whether we really listen to anyone will determine the quality of our response, which in turn determines the quality of that relationship and ensuing situation/s. We need to realise too that what is not being said is often more important. We call this the space between the words and to know this – to read the energy – we have to feel, or intuit, it, in the silence of our inner space. So enjoy your own observations on listening, intuiting and pondering and remember, in order to effect any sort of change in our lives, we must be first of all be that change (without taking ourselves too seriously).

Think about it and let me know what you reflect …

Magic of the Mountains

Magic of the Mountain1.s. Spirit speaks to us in symbols, the little things around us that with awareness we can interpret to continue our lives step by step in growth, fulfillment and joy. The magic of mountains is in their message of solidity and solidarity of structure, a bit like the silent witness, if you wish. This supports our practice of intuitive insight that sees things as they really are rather than how/what we might wish them to be. With this expanded vision, we are then able to move decisively to deal with things with discernment; a simplicity of motion that is fluid and spontaneous and most importantly without the ego’s need for heroic drama.
A reminder of your inherent strength, that is always there, silent.
Then, all returns to rest, a reclamation of your own space as it has always been, within.
Pictures by Ambros Strolz, Austria