Life Strategy. Philosophy of Being and Life Being Love

Here, Anna and Jane discuss how when you are able to let go of material expectations and form, and live in acceptance of all that is, then irrespective of external considerations, life is more easily harmonious and peaceful.

As well, when you recognise that Love is an aspect of Being rather than an emotion, and that by just being yourself, understanding will just fall into place to support this too. The simplicity of this forms the basis of wisdom communities, living together in higher awareness and extended responsibility towards All of life.

Take a moment to reflect upon your experience of Love as defined by others, and how it relates with your own expression. Define what are the similarities, whether your expectations are met, and determine whether it all flow easily. Please share your insights here with us, so others too can grow through you

Life Strategy. Touching the Heart of God

“When each One touches the heart of God, you all cry. I did, because that’s the place to which we all ultimately seek to return, all of our lives,” said Anna offering an explanation of the experience of your own inner Being, that aspect of All That Is, the Absolute that you all carry within. When you come to know your inner own inner nature, you will also know nature as being the nature of God for All is inextricably interlinked.

This makes the meaning of community even more relevant.

Please describe to me your experience of touching the heart of God – your own inner heart.

Life Strategy. What is Karma and How Does it Work?

Anna explains the concept of karma and how karma just ‘is’, in accordance with each one’s spiritual journey of growth, rather than to fix any ‘good’, ‘bad’ , ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ energy. It’s all about your ability to experience life in ultimate resolution with the fullness of our Self and grow both in purpose and potential.

Please share your comments below or send me an email with your thoughts about karma and how it informs our lives. What have you sent into the lives of others that came back into our own?


Life Strategy. Living Your Own Truth

To live and breathe your own Truth, Anna explains that each One needs to be ready. Then, the ceaseless search for inner completion will end and you will role model it in your own way in your own communities just by being yourself.


Your Introduction to Intuition and Other Energy Work

As promised,here’s the recording of our conversation last week on intuition and other energy work. It was really a pleasure to have met you and had a conversation with you and please don’t hesitate to come back to me if you have any questions!

Life Strategy. Touching Your Own Inner Heart and Extended Wisdom

When we touch the depths of our own heart, essentially we touch the heart of God, All That Is. It’s such a profound yet indescribable experience  that changes our relationship with everything.

Here, Anna and Jane discuss her experience about coming home to herself during a session and touching new life, and then sharing it to bring through change.