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Your Introduction to Intuition and Other Energy Work

As promised,here’s the recording of our conversation last week on intuition and other energy work. It was really a pleasure to have met you and had a conversation with you and please don’t hesitate to come back to me if you have any questions!

The Nazareine Speaks. In Singapore. “In the Light of Who You Be”

Another amazing evening! Thank you who brought your amazing energies to this wonderful and heartfelt gathering. I suggest you listen to this a number of times, each time you will hear something different as the layers arise to be heard, felt and experienced in many different ways. Look forward to hearing your insights and ongoing adventures. With love, as always.


Anna’s Introduction on Living in the Light of Love. July 2015

Life is essentially made of space, light and love, and to know how to apply this to your everyday life gives a delightful sense of purpose and joy. It’s what everyone seeks and so easy to reach by connecting to your inside. The tool you use to access this is your intuition. If you were there for the whole talk, listen again to remind you of those precious moments. If you were late – no worries! Here it is in full for you, including the practices!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and also to let me know your experiences! Look forward!