Anna Hughes – Corporate Dynamics

Anna Hughes is founder and head of Ultimate Woman and OneTouch Inspiration, organisations devoted to connecting those seeking self-determination, empowerment and results within challenging and disparate corporate team environments. Her work champions the empowerment and advancement of senior women professionals into leadership roles, positioning them and their companies for sustained future growth within a balance of duty of care to both work, personal life.and family

She is an internationally-respected authority on the adaptation of ancient wisdom techniques to modern-day life situations, teaching skills to more effortlessly shift energy in the form of conscious awareness in the creation of harmonious integration in every type of team leadership circumstance. Through her work, Anna brings people together to promoting the message that by understanding the deeper mechanics of life and your self-identity in context with the people around you, your inner strength, will, power and intuitive ability you can bring resolution to every type of problem. By so doing, each person can individually and more productively open minds to progress profound corporate and social integration, ownership and change.

She acts as intuitive counsel and mentor to senior professionals and business owners, preparing and effecting with each one business models and personal/team alignment to such. She is an expert in corporate identity and cultural change integration policies, adviser in seminar and exhibition strategy and organisation, and supports senior managers to resolve conflict and increase productivity through application of specialist conscious awareness uplift techniques.

Anna Hughes has had substantial corporate experience. This encompasses the field of corporate identity, strategic communication and brand management, developing and implementing multi-brand-based communication programmes in both financial service and retail sectors. She has led multi-disciplinary and multi-level team integration and corporate change strategy, communication and implementation and has also led crisis communication management teams that integrate local regional team into global programmes.

Companies that Anna has previously worked for include

  • Action International Public Relations. Regional Director, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Levant and Middle East.
  • Societe Generale Group. Head of Communication, United Kingdom.
  • Societe General Group. Head of Communication, Asia, Australia and Japan; Vice President, Asian Equities Division.
  • Reuters Asia Ltd. Head of Publicity for Greater China.
  • Price Waterhouse Hong Kong. Business Development and Publicity Manager
  • Executive Assistant, Hill & Knowlton Asia Public Relations Advisers.

Please contact her to formulate a tailored change and communication programme for your company that bridge ancient, intuitive wisdom with modern day corporate practices.

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